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01What is Business on Board program?

Business on Board is Aegean and Olympic Air's revolutionary corporate loyalty program, which rewards companies that prefer Aegean and Olympic Air for their business travel needs and also to offer unique benefits and services to the employees traveling through their personal loyalty membership card.

With free enrollment to Business on Board, your company earns points which can be redeemed on free tickets to any destination throughout the Aegean and Olympic Air network.

02How can a company enroll to the program?

Registration to the program can be accomplished only online by filling in the relevant registration form.

03Is there a corporate member card?

No physical card exists, only the unique 10-digit Business on Board account number.

04I forgot my PIN number. What shall I do now?

You may request your PIN from Business on Board – My Account home page, by selecting “I forgot my PIN”. After the submission of your application, your PIN number will be sent to your email address.

05Can I change my PIN? How?

You can edit and/or replace your existing PIN at any time, simply by logging into your Business on Board account.

06How can I edit the personal data on my profile?

You may edit your profile details either by calling Business on Board at +30 210 62 61 210 or by logging into your account.

07Can I accrue points for flights operated by other Star Alliance airline members?

The accrued points apply only to Aegean or Olympic Air flights. Therefore, flights from partner airlines are not eligible to points accrual.

08I have issued an award ticket. Can I change it?

Following the issuance of an award ticket, any amendment is allowed only on the date and time (not the destination), provided Business on Board is informed (MON-FRI 09:00-17:00), at an extra charge of 20 Euro. Change of route or name is not permitted. Any change should be requested to Business on Board only on days and times of operation. In case the ticket is cancelled, only the taxes are refunded. Business points are not returned to the company’s account.

09Are taxes included in award ticket redemption?

Taxes, additional premiums and various charges about the issuance of a ticket should be paid by the member Company. The precise charges that burden the member company will be made known by Business on Board department, before the issuance of the ticket.

10How can I contact Business on Board?

Business on Board operates the working days from 09:00 to 17:00 and can be contacted via phone at +30 210 62 61 210 or e-mail at bob@aegeanair.com.

11How can my company earn points?

A necessary prerequisite for points crediting - to the company's account - is the registration of the Business on Board account number during the ticketing issuance.

12Is retroactive point accrual possible?

Retrospective crediting of points to the company's account is allowed strictly up to 2 months following the flight either by completing the online form or by sending the ticket numbers to Business on Board department. It is clarified that in case the flight was operated before the company’s registration, the retrospective points crediting is not permitted.

13How can I check my company's points?

You may review your company's transactions by logging into Business on Board.

14How can I redeem the corporate points on Aegean or Olympic Air flights?

Points redemption can be requested by completing the online point redemption form – logging into your account – or by contacting Business on Board on phone (+30 210 62 61 210, weekdays 09:00-17:00) or by e-mail at bob@aegeanair.com. Requests for miles redemption must be submitted at least up to 3 working days before the departure date.

15Do business points expire?

The business points that have been accumulated during the period of one (1) year can be redeemed within a period of another 12 months after the completion of the running year, by which time the points will expire.