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Special Baggage Types

Please be advised that Add baggage, Excess weight and Special Kinds of Baggage such as sports equipment and musical instruments are not available for flights from to Alexandria.  Allowed limits for checked baggage from/to Alexandria is based on passenger fare as mentioned in the Baggage allowance and essentials section

Sports equipment on flights operated by Olympic Air

Extra charges for sports / special equipment is shown in the table below (If the sporting or special equipment you are transporting is not included in the “Type of sporting Equipment table” please check the dimensions / height table below).

Type of Sporting Equipment  Definition  Charge
Alpinist Equipment/Hiking/Walking a backpack, an ice pick, a pair of climbing iron, 1 pair of poles  50€
Archery Equipment a set of bow and arrow packed in a durable protective container  50€

a regular bike (non-motorized touring/racing single –seat bicycle/no e-bike) or a special children's trolley to use with a bike or a one-wheel bike

Please note that the bicycle should be protected from damage by packing it in special plastic box or carton box (not provided by Olympic Air).

Boogie board/Body board  a board  50€
Bowling Equipment One bowling bag, one bowling ball and one pair of bowling shoes  50€
Canoe/Kayak a canoe or a kayak (no motor attached); 1 set of paddles  100€
Fishing Equipment One fishing tackle box or a haversack or an angler's basket, one landing net, one pair of fishing boots, 2 rods, one reel, a bag or a box  50€
Fencing Equipment 1 bag including helmet, fencing uniform and fencing sword  50€
Hang Gliding Equipment  a set of hang gliding equipment packed in a container  100€
Hockey Equipment a hockey bag, hockey sticks, a pair of ice skates, a set of body protection (knee, arms, etc.), a helmet  50€
Horse Riding Equipment  a saddle (must be properly packaged to withstand normal handling), a set of horse harness, a horse whip, a pair of riding boots, a bareback pad, 1 set of polo sticks  100€
Inline-Skates  a pair of inline skates, a set of body protection (knee, arms, etc.), a helmet  50€
Javelin  a set of javelin equipment packed in a container  50€
Kite Surfboard  a kite, a board  50€
Longboard  a board (exceeding 2m)  100€
Parachute Equipment  a set of Parachute Equipment packed in a container  50€
Pole Vault Equipment  a set of vaulting poles packed in a container  100€
Rubber Dinghy/Boat  a rubber dinghy (no motor attached); 1 set of paddles  100€
Scuba/Skin diving Equipment [*1]  a diving mask, one snorkel, 2 fins, wetsuit, BCD-jacket, one scuba regulator, an empty scuba tank bottle, one tank harness, one tank pressure gauge, one knife, one spear gun, one safety vest, a lamp (switched off, energy source, separately packed, removed battery protected against short circuit)  50€
Skateboard  a board, a set of body protection (knee, arms, etc.), a helmet  50€
Ski Equipment (snow and water ski)  one pair of ski, one pair of ski poles, one pair of boots (even if in separate bag), a helmet  50€
Snowboard Equipment (snow ski equipment)  a snowboard, a pair of boots (even if in separate bag), a helmet  50€
Sporting/Hunting Weapons plus Ammunition)  Sporting/Hunting guns, pistols, rifles plus ammunition (according to IATA DGR Regulations and if packed in a separate bag)  50€
Surfboard  a board (up to 2m)  50€
Tennis-/Squash-/Badminton Equipment  a set of rackets and balls packed in a bag  50€
Wakeboard  a wakeboard  50€
Water ski Equipment  one pair of standard water skis or one slalom water ski  50€
Waveboard  a board, a set of body protection (knee, arms, etc.), a helmet  50€
Windsurf Equipment  one board (up to 2m), a sail, a boom, a gear bag, one mast and sail  100€

[1] Diving equipment is dropped off as checked baggage provided that the oxygen bottle is empty. Passengers will be asked to open the valve during check - in to confirm that the bottle is empty. 

  • Please be advised that Sports equipment is considered part of the free per person baggage allowance as long as the number of items and relevant dimensions do not exceed the baggage allowance relevant to your fare and class.  For more information please check the Allowed Baggage Limits section
  • Please be advised that offline purchase of sports equipment through AEGEAN’s Call Centre after your ticket has been issued is subject to a service fee of €8 per passenger. Sports equipment can be purchased up to 2 hours before departure. The above mentioned service fee does not apply to golf equipment, weapons and ammunition.

Sports baggage and any special baggage (painting, oil, books, etc.) that are not listed in the List of Sports Equipment table are not defined as baggage.

Charges will apply according to dimensions/weight:

Up to 15kg and/or 1.40m
15-32kg and/or 1.41-2m
15-32kg and/or over 2m
 35€  55€  80€

If the sport equipment exceeds the maximum weight of 32 kilos, it can be carried only as cargo and cargo charges will be applied. Passengers should contact the Cargo Department for further clarification and charges.

For sports equipment carried free of charge as part of the free baggage allowance of the fare class, the baggage restriction of maximum 5 pieces per passenger applies (including baggage, pets/animals, sports equipment and musical instruments).

Rates apply per direction and only for Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air flights.

Golf Equipment

Golf equipment is accepted on a priority basis as there is a limited number of relevant equipment allowed to be transported on each flight.

The below charges apply for transportation:

Domestic Routes  International Routes Miles+Bonus Gold Members
 20€  35€  Free of charge

Important information for your attention:

Bookings for weapons are only available through the AEGEAN Call Center, upon corresponding approval.

  • Weapons cannot be carried as checked baggage.  They must be presented at the check-in counter  in a special case
  • Weapons or ammunition with explosive or incendiary projectiles may not be carried as checked baggage.

  • Military weapons must not be carried as checked baggage.

  • Any arms and ammunition which are permitted for transportation must be checked-in and carried in the aircraft hold; carriage in the cabin is not permitted.

  • Arms of Police Officers and Body Guards and Civilians holding gun license for personal protection are not charged.

  • Swords belonging to Army Officers are not charged.

  • Ammunition with explosive or incendiary projectiles is not accepted for carriage.

  • Ammunition must be packed in a strong outer container made of wood, metal or fiberboard. It must be protected, inside the container, against shock and secured against any movement. In general, it must be packed in such a way that it cannot function accidentally.

Mobility equipment for passengers with special needs
Disabled passengers are allowed to transport two items of mobility equipment without additional charge.
Mobility equipment which can be used for sports is free of charge as well (up to two pieces total).
If the sport equipment is not mobility equipment then general rules for the transport of sport equipment also apply for disabled passengers.

Important Notes:

  • For flights carried out by our Code share Partners, please refer to the specified code share partner website for information on a specific carrier's baggage policy. 
  • Passengers travelling from/to Alexandria can travel with the allowable limit for checked baggage according to their selected fare. Special baggage such as sporting equipment and musical instruments is not accepted.
  • Please contact us for detailed information and charging on sporting / special equipment for flights with any cooperating carriers.

Musical Instruments

The transport of musical instruments is allowed on all Olympic Air flights, as baggage or as carry-on luggage.  In all instances, the instrument must be carried in a safety case (hardcase).

Hand Luggage

In order to transport a musical instrument as hand luggage, its dimensions and weight must not exceed the allowance for hand luggage (For DH8-100, DH8-400 και ATR:  maximum weight of 8 kilos, maximum dimensions cm 55 x 40 x 23).

If however, the musical instrument exceeds this allowance but nonetheless you wish to carry it in the cabin, you must request the booking of an additional seat next to yours while making your reservation through the call center. The charge for the additional seat, which is identical to that of your seat less the tax and other charges, must be paid with the ticket issuance via the call center. The maximum dimensions of the musical instrument must not exceed 135 x 40 x 28cm if placed on the cabin floor or 90 x 40 x 50cm if placed on the seat (DH8-100, DH8-400 and ATR aircraft)


If you choose to transport your musical instrument as baggage, you will be asked to sign a document in which you agree that you assume the responsibility for the transport (Limited Release Form).  The musical instrument will be regarded special baggage and will be charged as follows:

 Weight / Dimensions   Charge
 Up to 15 kilos and /or 1.40 meters  €35
 15-32 kilos and /or 1.41-2 meters  €55
 15-32 kilos and /or in excess of 2 meters  €80

For codeshare flights not operated by Olympic Air aircraft, please contact the respective carrier's website for details on baggage allowance.