Baggage-carrying policy on all Olympic Air & Aegean flights

According to the baggage-carrying policy, passengers are permitted to check in a specific number of bags and up to a specific weight free of charge, depending on the seating Class (Economy or Business) they have selected.

Please check below for detailed information on the number and exact weight of the bags you are permitted to carry as well as the charge for additional or overweight baggage.

Flex - 1 piece up to 23kg free of charge
Business - 2 pieces up to 32kg each free of charge

Additional & Overweight Baggage (23kgs - 32kgs):

   Prepayment GoLight / Flex / Business  Payment at the airport GoLight / Flex / Business
 Flights within Greece



 International short flights [1]
 from 11/09 - 31/12 & 01/01 - 31/06



 International short flights [1]
 from 1/07 - 10/09



 International long flights [2]
 from 11/09 - 31/12 & 01/01 - 31/06



 International long flights [2]
 from 1/07 - 10/09



 Exceptions routes [3]



[1] Cyprus, Italy, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Turkey, Israel, Poland, Switzerland, Lebanon, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Jordan, Georgia, Croatia, Malta
[2] France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovenia
[3] Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Armenia

You can purchase additional baggage or additional kg directly from the following:

Please note that prepay charges are up to 43% lower than the amount charged for baggage allowance purchased at the airport.

For flights from/to Greece to/from Saudi Arabia and Iran the purchase of additional kilos is 10€/12USD/kilo (including infants) issued only at the airport with airport charges. 

Rules applying to infants:
Travelling infants are permitted one piece of hand baggage weighing no more than 6 kg and up to 56X45X 25cm (DH8-100 and DH8-400:
55X40X 23cm) in size to carry essential items for their feeding and care, depending on the duration of the flight.

Children (2 to 12 years of age) are permitted one piece of hand baggage up to 8 kg and 56 X 45 X 25cm in size (DH8-100 and DH8-400:
55X40X 23cm).

Hand baggage - Economy class
You can carry on board the plane 1 piece of hand baggage, weighing no more than 8 kg and measuring no more than 56cm in length x 45cm in height x  25cm in width.

Hand baggage - Business Class
You can carry on board the plane up to 2 pieces of hand baggage, of which the first may not be larger than 56cm in length x 45cm in height x 25cm in width (or 20cm in length for clothes-carriers), and the second no larger than 45cm in length x 35cm in height x 20cm in width. The first item may not exceed 8 kg in weight, and the second may not exceed 5 kg.

Hand baggage policy on aircraft DH8-100 and DH8-400:
You can carry on board the plane 1 piece of hand baggage weighing no more than 8 kg and measuring no more than 55cm in length x 40cm in height x 23cm in width

Important Note:

There is limited hand baggage stowing capacity in the cabin of the plane. As a result:       

For information concerning the terms and conditions that are valid for partner airlines (codeshare flights), please visit the respective websites.


Miles+Bonus Gold Members and Gold Members of the other Star Alliance companies retain the right to carry free of charge one additional piece of baggage, regardless of the fare family they are travelling with (32kg in Business and 23kg in Economy Class).