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Do your plans keep changing? Choose a Flex ticket and travel with more flexibility as you can change your ticket as many times as you want without paying a rebooking fee, to accommodate your changing plans.

Flex family features:

  • 1 hand bag up to 8 kg
  • 1 bag up to 23kg
  • Unlimited ticket changes without Rebooking Fee to Flex or Business
  • Miles+Bonus mileage accrual
  • The ticket is refundable in case of cancellation*
  • 33% discount for children’s tickets in specific fares of the Flex family
Flex Family Fare Rules

What happens if you wish to buy extra baggage for your trip?

Regardless of the ticket category you may have, if you need extra baggage, you can buy it online from Olympic Air's website or mobile site, the call center, the airport or your travel agent.

   Domestic Flights  International Flights
 Hand Baggage  Up to 8 kg   Up to 8 kg
 Free Baggage Allowance  1 piece up to 23kg  1 piece up to 23kg
 Rebooking fee  Free unlimited ticket changes  Free unlimited ticket changes
 Reissue / Rerouting  Permitted in Flex and Business families   Permitted in Flex and Business fare families
 Miles+Bonus miles accrual  Yes  Yes
 Ticket refund in the case of cancellation  Allowed, nonrefundable fare amount €45 
 Allowed, nonrefundable fare amount:
 Short Int'l flights [1]  50€
 Long Int'l flights  [2] 60€
 Child discount  33% discount for some fare levels   33% discount for some fare levels

The following charges apply for additional bags up to 23kg and flat rate for excess baggage weight over piece limit (23kg - 32kg)

  Prepayment on line Payment at the airport Payment at the gate 
Domestic flights
from 01/01-15/06 & 11/09-31/12
 €16  €25  €40
Domestic flights
Flights within Greece from 16/06 – 10/09
 €22  €35  €40
Short International flights [1] 
from 01/01-15/06 & 11/09-31/12
 €25  €35  €50
Short International flights [1] 
from 16/06 - 10/09
 €30  €40  €50
Long International flights [2] 
from 01/01-15/06 & 11/09-31/12
 €30  €45  €60
Long International flights [2] 
from 16/06 - 10/09
 €40  €60  €60
 Exception routes [3]  €40  €70   n/a

[1] Cyprus, Italy, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Turkey, Israel, Poland, Switzerland, Lebanon, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Jordan, Georgia, Croatia, Malta, Armenia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Montenegro, Tunisia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, FYROM
[2] France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, Latvia, Russia, Portugal, Morocco
[3] Egypt, Saudi Arabia.

Gold Members of the Miles+Bonus program retain the right for one free extra piece of baggage, regardless of the fare family they are travelling under.

Click here for a more detailed view of the baggage policy