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How to Choose your Seat

Choose your ideal seat and enjoy your flight even more, whether you fly Economy or Business Class.
We want you to enjoy the maximum of your trip. This is why we give you the opportunity to choose the exact type of seat you want, making your flight an amazing experience for you and your loved ones!

Find below the three different Economy Class seat types and their characteristics.


Standard Seats

Window view or aisle? Pick the seat of your choice from the Standard Seats without any additional charge. Available 48 hours prior to departure during check-in, unless you are a Miles+Bonus Gold Member.



Up Front Seats
The Up Front Seats are perfect for you, whether you like a bit more legroom to rest or you wish to be among the first to disembark. For more information about the charges, click here



Extra Legroom Seats 
Looking for even more comfort during your flight? Our Extra Legroom Seats, at the front row of the airplane or at the emergency exits, are ideal for a relaxing trip. For more information about the charges, click here.



Εάν ταξιδεύετε στην Business Class, μπορείτε να επιλέξετε τη θέση της αρεσκείας σας εντελώς δωρεάν είτε online κατά την κράτηση του εισιτηρίου ή κατόπιν, μέσα από την ενότητα «Διαχείριση Κράτησης», ή και από το Τηλεφωνικό Κέντρο

01What do I gain from choosing a seat in advance?

You may select your favorite seat at any point in time, from the booking up to just minutes prior to your flight (upon availability).

02Is my selected seat guaranteed?

Your selected seat is guaranteed. In the unlikely event of any change due to operational reasons, we will do our best efforts to reallocate you an equivalent seat type with the same characteristics (window / aisle / middle seat, Up Front / Extra Legroom). If no such seat is available, then you are entitled to a refund.

03Do I have to pay?

All Standard Seats are free of charge, as are all seats on our Turbo Prop fleet, on top of all Public Service Obligation routes. Only in case you travel Economy Class and wish to select one of the Up Front or Extra Legroom Seats on our Airbus fleet, you can select your preferred seat for a fee (the charges may be viewed here).

04Can a seat be reserved for children?

Yes, it can, and the conditions are identical as for adults (infants, i.e. below 2 years of age, are exempted, unless you wish for the infant to travel in a seat of his own). Please note that for safety reasons infants/children are not allowed to be seated at the emergency exits (i.e. Extra Legroom Seats) or seats located in the row in front and/or behind the emergency exits.

05When reserving seats online in advance, do I have to select seats for all passengers in the same booking (PNR)?

Not necessarily. You may select seats for as many of the passengers within the same reservation, at will. Exception: adults traveling with children must always select the same seat type, either Standard or one of the chargeable ones (Up Front).


06Can I book a seat from my mobile or the Aegean App?

Yes, exactly in the same process as on any other device (PC, laptop) either during booking or later via "Manage my Booking". Mobile seat reservation and change are temporarily unavailable until March.

07What happens to my seat reservation if I cancel my flight?

Your seat reservation will be canceled along with the ticket. No refund is granted.

08What happens if I wish to change my seat?

You may change your seat at any time. No additional fee is required if there’s an equivalent seat available (Up Front or Extra Legroom), unless there’s a change in route, as well.
If all similar seats are exhausted, then you may change your seat to a lower category (Extra Legroom ->Up Front ->Standard) without refund or to a superior category (Standard ->Up Front -> Extra Legroom) by paying the difference.

Note: Seat change temporarily cannot be performed through mobile check-in, until March.

09What happens if I opt for a Standard Seat instead of one of the payable ones (Up Front / Extra Legroom)?

If you don’t select one of the payable seats upon booking (Up Front / Extra Legroom), one of the Standard Seats will be assigned to you during check-in, free of charge. At that point, you will also be able to pick the specific Standard Seat of your choice. Exception: if you are a Gold Miles+Bonus Member, please refer to Question 12.

10Are there any flights exempted from the new Seat Preselection Service?

Yes. All seats are free for selection upon check-in (unless eligible for selection at booking) for Public Service Obligation routes as well as for any flight operated by our Turbo Prop fleet. Selecting and paying for a particular seat is not permitted on flights operated by any carrier other than Aegean or Olympic Air.

11Are seats in Business Class affected by the new Seat Preselection Service?

No. Business Class passengers retain the right to preselect their seat free of charge from the booking time until minutes prior to departure. Further improving the Business Class experience, we are now giving the possibility to the Business Class passengers to select their preferred seat online (at aegeanair.com, olympicair.com or the Aegean app) and not only via the Call Center as was the process up to now.

12What changes for Miles+Bonus Gold Members?

Whether you fly Business or Economy Class, you are able to preselect your preferable seat from the booking time up until minutes before departure, either online (at aegeanair.com or the Aegean app) or offline (Call Center).
For Economy Class seats, Gold Members are entitled to preselect a Standard Seat at no cost. If they opt for an Up Front Seat on domestic or international routes, they will benefit from an exclusive 50% discount. If they reserve an Extra Legroom Seat, they will be charged at the normal price (published on the respective charts).