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Infants (up to 2 years)

Our young friends are welcome to travel on Olympic Air flights with their parent or guardian from the very first days of their life, as long as they fulfill the conditions below to properly ensure their safety:

  • The guardian must carry the infant's necessary identification documents, as well as any other documents required at the destination (e.g. visa/passport). Infants younger than seven (7) completed days from the date of birth, shall not be accepted for travel on domestic or international flights.
  • In the case that the infant does not fulfill the above, prior Medical clearance must be given and the MEDIF procedure shall be followed.
  • Parents of premature infants need to provide certification from an obstetrician that the infant is in good health to travel.
  • In case a parent or guardian (above 18 years old) wishes to travel with two infants (from 8 days to 2 years old), Olympic Air requires the booking of an Exclusive Escort. The charge of the Escort Service depends on the itinerary.
  • Infants can only travel on the lap of their parent or guardian. It is permitted to carry formula and/or breast milk in your hand luggage until 6kgs.
However, there is the possibility that you will be inspected at the checkpoints. Car safety seats or baby trolleys can be transported as checked luggage without an extra charge. For further information regarding baggage specifications for infants click here or contact the Call center +302106261000