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If you plan to travel with a pet, please consult the reservation department and inform them of your plans. In case you book from our website you should follow the same procedure.

Pet transfer in the cabin of the aircraft.

Traveling with a pet (cat, dog or ferret) in the aircraft cabin, is allowed only via a special containers/cages. Each passenger is allowed to transport a single pet (cat, dog or ferret) within the cabin of an aircraft, while the pet is in a container/cage which is the responsibility of the passenger. If you wish to travel with more than one pet, then it is a prerequisite for pets to be familiar with each other.

At domestic airports you can buy special pet boxes (see above) if you do not have your own. The box must not exceed 8 pounds. It is transported only as cabin baggage and is placed under your seat.

If you have your own box/cage the dimensions must be up to 55 cm x 40 cm x 25 cm wide or 40 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm wide for aircraft type DH8-100 and DH8-400 to fit comfortably under your seat.

The maximum permissible weight limit for a pet along with the special case is 8 kilos. The pet's health book must be inspected at check-in and the pet is required to have the special micro chip to travel. Please note that for all International flights, the pet passport along with an ID microchip are mandatory.

Your pet must have a valid Anti-Rabies vaccination on the date of travel.  The Anti-Rabies vaccination must be repeated every year.  If your pet had its first Anti-rabies vaccination, it should not travel, unless 21 days have passed from the vaccination administration date. The same restriction of 21 days applies in the event that the vaccination was administered after it had expired.

Please note that a vaccination is considered valid only if it was administered after microchip or tattoo. Essentially the pet must be a minimum of 105 days old in order to be accepted for transportation.

If you wish to transfer your pet you must contact the Reservations Department at least 48 hours prior to departure, in order to register the pet and (if possible) to confirm its carriage, as the number of pets allowed on each flight is limited.

Pet transportation to the luggage storage

If your pet weighs more than 8 kilos, then the transfer must be arranged via luggage storage of the aircraft. The appropriate detention procedure should be followed. Pets can only be transported to the aircraft luggage storage on Airbus 319, 320 & 321 aircraft, placed in special cages that are the passenger’s responsibility to purchase.

Container Requirements for transporting animals in cargo holds

Special Charges

01/01 - 15/06 & 11/09 - 31/12

 Cabin (up to 8kilos)

Luggage storage medium
(up to 25 kilos)

Luggage storage /Large
(over 25 kilos)

 Domestic flights  20€  40€  80€
 International flights  50€  95€  160€

16/06- 10/09

 Cabin (up to 8kilos)

Luggage storage medium
(up to 25 kilos)

Luggage storage /Large
(over 25 kilos)

 Domestic flights  30€  50€  90€
 International flights  60€  105€  170€



  • Prices are per route for Aegean / Olympic Air flights and Aegean / Olympic Air flights with LH group (Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Swiss)
  • If the shipment of the pet requires the use of the cargo service, the above charges do not apply. For more information, please contact the relevant Cargo Department.

Important notes

  • Trained service animals such as:
    • seeing eye dogs trained to lead passengers with impaired vision
    • hearing aid dogs trained to lead passengers with impaired hearing
    • other service dogs trained to assist passengers with special need

        travel free of charge.  Please make sure that this information is noted 
        prior to booking the ticket and be advised that relevant documentation/
        certification will be requested.

  • Click here for more detailed restrictions on pet transport regulations
  • Pets (dogs, cats ferrets) travelling to the United kingdom can be only be sent as cargo and to Heathrow airport.  For  more information on this please click here.
  • For the transportation of unaccompanied pets or for more information regarding the transportation of other animals please contact our Cargo department

Cargo department
Tel.: +30 210 3543700, +30 210 3543 095/ 096
Fax: +30 210 3543198
Ε-mail Supervisor: cargosupervisor@aegeanair.com