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Terms & Conditions for Online Bookings for Children Traveling Alone

For the Unaccompanied Minor’s flight with AEGEAN and/or Olympic Air the following applies: 

You declare and fully warrant:

  1. that you are the mother/father/legal guardian of the child travelling alone as named in the booking and agree and give your full consent and permission to the minor travels unaccompanied,
  2. that the father/mother/guardian of the minor who does not submit this application, knows and fully agrees to the unaccompanied minor's travel, and is similarly bound to the information given and
  3. that the information provided in the booking is accurate and true.

Furthermore, you confirm that you have arranged for the minor mentioned on the booking, to be escorted on departure and on arrival by the persons named while booking online. According to the procedure followed, the accompanying adult for the departure after the minor is delivered to the AEGEAN’s and/or Olympic Air’s employee for boarding, is obliged to remain at the airport until the departure of the flight. Respectively, the accompanying adult for the arrival of the minor, is obliged to arrive at the airport at least 20 minutes before the estimated time of arrival of the flight in order to complete the minor's reception procedures.

Both persons named as escorts on departure and/or on arrival of the unaccompanied minor, will bear with them and present whenever deemed necessary and requested by the competent Authorities any identity document with photo and a copy of the declaration of mother/father/legal guardian as in our company’s site proving that this person is named as an escort for this minor.

Once the booking online or the application, states a specific person as an escort on departure and on arrival, it is impossible for this person to change even if the mother/father/legal guardian applies respectively. Should the minor not be met at the transit point or destination as stated by the escorts named specifically for this purpose, you authorize AEGEAN and/or Olympic Air and/or other carriers concerned to take whatever action deemed necessary to ensure the child's safety including returning of the child to the airport of departure, following relevant communication in the contact details you have provided us in order for you to arrange all the necessary details for the safe receive of the child. In this case you agree to indemnify and hold harmless AEGEAN and/or Olympic Air and/or other carriers, their personnel and agents for and against loss or damage sustained, cost and expenses incurred by them in connection with the minor’s travel or resulting in any way therefrom, and to release them form all liability other that set forth in their general conditions of carriage.

You understand that AEGEAN and/or Olympic Air does not offer a handover service to/from other airlines, so you will arrange for delivery and collection of the minor before and after all AEGEAN’s and/or Olympic Air’s flights.

You declare and fully warrant that the child bears all necessary travel documents (passport, visa, health certificate, etc.) required by applicable laws in the country of departure, destination country and all intermediate countries if any. It is your solely responsibility to check the entry and travel requirement/documents for the destination country/countries by contacting the proper embassies or consulates, as well as to check the expiration dates of these documents and renew them if necessary.

You declare and fully warrant that the child travelling alone will not require special services such as toileting, feeding and administration of special medication or has an allergy or is in any medical condition that has not already been notified to AEGEAN and/or Olympic Air. Where you have given special instructions you acknowledge that AEGEAN and/or Olympic Air will make reasonable efforts to carry out such instructions but shall have no liability for failing to do so.

You acknowledge, declare and fully warrant that you can be contacted at any time on the contact number(s) and/or email addresses provided in the booking without delay while the minor is in AEGEAN’s and/or Olympic Air’s care.

You declare and fully warrant that you have the escort’s consent to share their phone number an/or other personal details if necessary with AEGEAN and have AEGEAN contact them in relation to the minor’s travel.

You hereby provide AEGEAN and/or Olympic Air with the firm and irrevocable authorization to give any necessary medical treatment/or first aid help to the minor travelling alone, if the minor needs immediate medical treatment.

You acknowledge that AEGEAN and/or Olympic Air bears no responsibility whatsoever for anything valuable the minor carries, against the provisions of general terms and conditions.

The "Declaration of Parent or Guardian" form must be filled out when handing over the unaccompanied minor into our care at the airport of departure.
This form contains personal information about the unaccompanied minor as well as the travel details and information of parents or guardians or escorts who are handing over and picking up the minor.

For all the personal information, relevant provisions of the Regulation of the European Parliament (EU) 2016/679 as in force, are applicable.