Travelling with pets/animals

Pets in cabin

Only cats, dogs [guide dogs included (see "Service animals" below)] and ferrets (family of mammals: weasels, polecats, ermines and zibeline) can travel in the aircraft cabin with you, with the exception of specific breeds.

Only one (1) pet in cabin per passenger carried within a special box/container is allowed  to travel,. The permitted weight for a pet, combined with its container, should not exceed eight (8) kilos.

If you are planning to travel with more pets, they must be of the same species, familiar with each other and carried within the same special box/container. The maximum weight of eight (8) kilos (including their container) should not be exceeded

Special box/container for pets in cabin & seating on board

Terms & Conditions for pet transportation

Animals in aircraft hold 

If you have a larger animal which exceeds the eight (8) kilos weight limit, then it can only be transported in the baggage hold compartment of the aircraft. Except for particular breeds, AEGEAN welcomes transportation in the holds of Airbus 319, 320 and 321 aircraft only, all domesticated animals: Dogs, cats, ferrets, spiders and other invertebrates (except bees and crustaceans), tropical fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, rodents and rabbits.

In case of a connecting time exceeding three (3) hours, animals may not be accepted for transportation in the aircraft hold.

Animals intended for laboratory and scientific purposes are also not permitted.

Special box/container for animals in aircraft hold

Passengers should have the appropriate size of container for transporting larger animals in the aircraft hold.

The below requirements must be met:

The following image displays the required specifications for dogs and cats container


The below image displays the appropriate specifications for hares and rabbits container:

In general, the number of pet/animals which may accompany the owner or an authorized person during a single flight are maximum five (5) (including other hold items such as baggage and special equipment).

Booking & charges

Pets/animals must be booked in advance, through the official online channels of Olympic Air and AEGEAN or through the Call Center.

The below charges apply for transportation:

Pet in cabin (up to 8 kg)

Travel period   Domestic flights  International flights    
 01/01 - 15/06 & 11/09 - 31/12  EUR 20  EUR 50
 16/06 - 10/09  EUR 30  EUR 60

Animals in aircraft hold - medium (8kg - 25kg)

Travel period   Domestic flights  International flights    
 01/01 - 15/06 & 11/09 - 31/12  EUR 40  EUR 95
 16/06 - 10/09  EUR 50  EUR 105

Animals in aircraft hold - large (over 25kg)

Travel period   Domestic flights  International flights    
 01/01 - 15/06 & 11/09 - 31/12  EUR 80  EUR 160
 16/06 - 10/09  EUR 90  EUR 170


Requirements for pets/animals transportation 

Health condition

Pets/animals must be minimum 12 weeks old, with a valid anti-rabies vaccination.

In general, pets/animals must be clean, healthy, harmless, odorless, not pregnant, not sedated and not loud to annoy other passengers.

Travel documents and check-in

Traveling abroad

It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that all paperwork necessary for the importation of their pet is proper for the country they are flying to.

Service Animals

Olympic Air and AEGEAN can accept the following two (2) types of service animals to travel in the aircraft cabin:

Trained service dogs: Seeing eye dogs trained to lead passengers with impaired vision , hearing or other service dogs trained to assist, for example, epileptic or autistic passengers.

Trained service dogs must be accredited by an organization that is a full member of Assistance Dogs International (ADI) or International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF), the certifying bodies for assistance dog organizations across the world.

Rescue dogs: Dogs trained to assist rescue workers.

Passengers must assure that conditions in the destination country permit the pet/animal to be transported and enter the country according to local regulations and that the pet/animal complies with all health and hygiene terms and that they have all the necessary documentation for ownership and transportation.

Animals as cargo

If your pet/animal travels unaccompanied or in case you are looking to transport other kinds of animals (except for the already mentioned ones), please contact our Cargo Department:

Cargo department
Tel.: +30 210 3543700, +30 210 3543 095/ 096
Fax: +30 210 3543198
Ε-mail Supervisor: