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Please take into account that for the needs of this document, the following terms have the meaning described below:

Air Carrier: Every air carrier that has undertaken your transport and/or any service related to air transport, including the Company or third air carriers, the "air carrier code" or/and any others appearing on your ticket.

Air carrier code: Two or three characters or letters which specifically define every air carrier.

Company/We or any other reference in the first plural: OLYMPIC AIR.

Passenger/You or any other reference in the second plural: Every natural person who is going to or intends to travel by aircraft and whose name appears on a ticket or any other similar document issued by the Air Carrier.

Ticket: The document bearing the title "Transport ticket for Passengers and Luggage" or an electronic ticket, including any document incorporated in it, directly or by reference or incorporated as an obligatory annex to it.

Electronic Ticket: The proof of an itinerary, issued by us or on our account and the proof of booking or, if applicable, some form of boarding document.

Combined Ticket: The ticket issued in your name, which, together with another ticket, comprises a single transport contract.

Stub: The flight stub, i.e. the part of the ticket with the indication "suitable for board" or any other similar indication or, in the case of an electronic ticket, the electronic coupon or any document of value kept by the Company in its data base, bearing the places between which you are entitled to be transported by virtue of the specific transport contract.

Itinerary Confirmation: The document we issue along with the passenger's electronic ticket which bears the full name of the passenger, the flight data and all related notifications.

Luggage: All personal items you carry with you during your journey, whether these are checked-in or not. "Delivered" is the luggage you handed in to us and for which the relevant confirmation coupon upon check-in and the special luggage identification ticket were issued. "Non-delivered" is all other luggage, particularly that taken with you onto the passengers' cabin of the aircraft.

Itermediate stop: Any scheduled stopping between your place of departure and your destination.

Authorised Agent: Any ticket selling agent, whom the Company has appointed as its representative for the purpose of ticket sale.

Fares: The fares, charges or/and related Company carriage terms, as these are published or/and submitted to competent authorities.

Contract terms: These carriage terms or the terms included in your ticket or your itinerary confirmation which incorporate or explicitly refer to these carriage terms.

Convention: Where there is no other explicit definition, this refers to the Montreal Convention of 1999 on the unification of certain rules applied for international air transport.

Damages: Death, physical harm of a passenger, total or partial loss, theft or other damages due to carriage undertaken by us or complementary services we provided.

Force majeure: Unforeseeable, unusual events or circumstances, beyond our or your control, as the case may be, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if extreme diligence had been shown.

SDR: The Special Drawing Right, as stipulated by the International Monetary Fund

Days: The calendar days and every day of the week. In the case of notification or communication of documents, the day of dispatch is not included. For the calculation of the validity period of a ticket, the day of issuance or the day the flight starts on, depending on the case, is not taken into account.

Scope of Application

ARTICLE 2. Scope of Application

2.1 Introduction
Without prejudice to paragraphs 2.2., 2.4. and 2.5., these carriage terms are applicable only for those flights or parts of flights on the tickets of which our Company name or our Air Carrier Code is shown.

2.2 Chartered flights
If the air carriage is executed by virtue of a charter agreement, these terms are applicable only if they are explicitly mentioned or there reference is made to them in the charter agreement or the ticket.

2.3 "Code Shares"
For some of our services, we have concluded agreements with other air carriers; these are known as "Code Shares". In such cases, it is possible that a third air carrier may execute the flight, even if you have made a booking with our Company or/and our Company name or Air Carrier Code is shown on your ticket. In such a case, you will be informed accordingly when you make your booking.

2.4 Mandatory Law
These terms are not applicable to the extent that they oppose Company Fares. In any case, the applicable law supercedes this document and our Fares. Any invalidity of one of the terms of this document does not affect the validity of the rest of the terms.

2.5 Terms of Carriage supercede other regulations
These terms of carriage supercede any other regulation or Company announcement, unless a statement is explicitly made to the contrary within this document.



3.1 General Rules

3.1.1 Only the person named on the ticket may be carried by the Company; therefore, you should be prepared to present the documents proving your identity. The passenger is exclusively responsible for acquiring such documents in good time.

3.1.2 Tickets are not transferrable

3.1.3 (a) When you select your ticket, please note that certain fares impose limitations on rights of changing or returning tickets, either in full or in part. Please, ask for relevant information upon booking. It might be useful to ensure full insurance coverage in case your ticket is cancelled.
3.1.3 (b) Olympic Air applies, for all tickets to be refunded, a Refund Fee irrespective date of issuance.

3.1.4 Your Ticket always remains the property of the issuing air carrier.

3.1.5 Only passengers who present a valid ticket are entitled to air carriage. In the case of an electronic ticket, this means that you must produce a validly issued electronic ticket. You must keep the proof of your booking. If a ticket has been modified or changed in any way, and, provided such a modification or change was not made by us or one of our authorized agents, it is not considered valid.

3.1.6 (a) A ticket that might have been lost or destroyed, in part or in whole, or a ticket that does not contain the necessary coupons, will be replaced in full or in part, in accordance with the rules of our Company, through issuing a new ticket, provided it is proven expressly and tangibly that a valid ticket had been issued and that the validity of said ticket has not expired. We might charge you a reasonable amount of money for such a replacement.
3.1.6 (b) In cases other than those of paragraph 3.1.6(α), we are entitled to asking full payment for the new ticket. In cases of apparent loss and provided the validity of the ticket has not expired, we shall return to you this sum in full or in part, when you produce said ticket within the time period of ticket validity.

3.1.7 A ticket is a valuable item and, therefore, passengers ought to look after it with due diligence.

3.2 Validity period

Unless otherwise stipulated in another part of these terms and unless an external restriction is imposed because of the fare rate, a ticket is valid for a year from the date it was issued on.

3.2.1 Provided your first flight took place within a year from the day of your ticket issuance, your ticket is valid for a year from the date of your first flight, in accordance with the ticket.

3.2.2 If, after you start your journey, health reasons prevent you from travelling within the period of your ticket validity, this reason has to be certified with a medical certificate. Depending on the terms applicable for your ticket fare (see definitions), we shall make every reasonable effort to transfer you to the first available flight of the same service class that the fare you paid entitled you to.

3.3 Sequence and use of stubs

3.3.1 Your ticket may be used only for the itinerary shown on it, which includes the place of your departure, your destination and probable intermediate stops. The various coupons of the ticket may be used only in the sequence foreseen by the ticket. The fare paid corresponds to the carriage explicitly mentioned in the ticket.

3.3.2 For any possible change in some part of your carriage, you need to notify us in good time; in such cases we shall calculate and inform you about any difference in the fare. If this change is due to force majeure, and you have notified us immediately, we shall make every reasonable effort to carry you without a new fare calculation.

3.3.3 Please, take into account that usually changes entail an increase in the fare, although this is not so in every case. However, several special fares are valid only for the specific time and flight, which means that no change is possible or it is made with additional charges.

3.3.4 We would like to inform you that if you do not turn up at the flight, without having informed us in advance, your return or connection flights will be cancelled.



4.1 Fares
Fares include only air carriage from the airport at the place of your departure to the airport of your destination, unless explicitly stated otherwise. The calculation of each fare is based on the fares of our Company valid at the time your ticket is paid for and exclusively concerns the data shown on the ticket of your air carriage. In the event of voluntary change to the originating flight, the fares and charges for the passenger’s journey shall be recalculated in accordance with the fares and charges in effect on the date on which the change is made and is reflected on the ticket.

4.2 Taxes - Duties - Charges
You are burdened with taxation and charges imposed by the state or any other competent authority; relevant amounts keep changing and are not included in our fare, but they are included in the final ticket price and usually indicated separately. You will be fully informed upon purchasing your ticket. You might be asked to pay such taxes, duties or charges not collected a posteriori.

4.3 Currency
All fares, taxes and any other charges mentioned above must be paid in the currency of the country within which the ticket is issued. It is at the discretion of the Company to allow payments to be made in another currency.



5.1 Booking prerequisite conditions
Tickets are booked by us or one of our authorized agents.

5.2 Time restrictions for issuing a ticket
Upon booking your ticket, we or our authorised agent shall inform you about the time period within which you must pay for your ticket; when this period expires, your booking is likely to be cancelled.

5.3 Personal Data
When you make a contract with the Company you accept that your personal data will be used exclusively for the execution of the carriage contract or/and any complementary services provided and for fulfilling necessary formalities stipulated at any given time by state authorities. Furthermore, you recognize and accept that such data will probably be forwarded from and to our offices and authorized agents to third parties, which are directly related to the purposes mentioned above, as well as the aforementioned state authorities. At any time you may submit a written request that your data should be deleted from our data base or that you should be specifically informed in regard to the processing of such data and we shall respond to your request the soonest possible.

5.4 Seat distribution
It would be our pleasure to serve you by booking the seat you indicated, but we cannot guarantee placement at a specific seat, reserving the right to redistribute seats at any time, before or after your boarding the aircraft, if this is considered necessary and, particularly, for safety/security purposes.
5.5 Booking confirmation

5.5.1 If you are informed that it is compulsory to explicitly confirm your booking and you do not proceed to do so, we reserve our right to cancel your flight. If you inform us in good time that you finally wish to be carried, we shall try to serve you, either by giving you a seat on the same flight, if this is possible, or by offering you a seat of corresponding service class on the next available flight.

5.5.2 When third air carriers undertake part of your carriage, you must communicate with them in regard to any necessary booking confirmation.



6.1 At every airport of departure there is a different time period required to complete check-in procedures. At Greek airports, check-in starts around 2 hours before the scheduled flight departure. In any case, you must get informed about check-in times at the airport of your first departure, either by us or by our authorized agent. For any consequent departures from intermediate stop airports, this information should be sought at the airports in question.

6.2 Upon check-in we shall inform you about the time you must be at the boarding gate, which you should comply with, otherwise we shall be obliged to cancel your seat on the flight.

6.3 Passengers are exclusively liable in cases of damages caused to them or third parties due to violations of the terms of this article.



7.1 Right to deny carriage
If we have notified you in writing that we are not going to carry you or/and your luggage as of a specific date and beyond or as of the date of the written notification delivery and beyond, it is at our discretion to deny such carriage, whereupon you are entitled to being refunded for any moneys you might have paid to us as a deposit.

7.2 We shall deny your carriage or/and the carriage of your luggage, in any of the cases below, or if this is imposed by any of the reasons below:
a) in execution or/and at the order, respectively, of any provision of the Law in force or/and the Judiciary or other public Authorities;

b) for health or safety/security reasons or /and excessive restriction of the comfort of other passengers or the crew, if the carriage of your luggage might create a hazard for any or every one of these goods or if, in our reasonable judgment, it is unsuitable for carriage due to its size, shape, weight, content or type, or if we reasonably judge that it is not properly or adequately packed (further information available from us);

c) if your mental or physical condition is a hazard for yourself, the rest of the passengers or the crew or if you are under the influence of psychoactive substances or/and alcohol;

d) if in the past you have conducted yourself without decorum in one of our flights and this event has led us to the conviction that you might well repeat such conduct;

e) if you did not go through security check or refused to go through it or if you do not observe safety rules and instructions;

f) if you have not paid off your financial obligations as stipulated in the carriage contract;

g) if your travelling documents are not or seem not to be valid or do not suffice to allow your entrance into a specific country that is your destination or itermediate stop or if you refuse to present them to the Company clerk competent or the aircraft crew, when you are asked to do so;

h) if the ticket you produce at check-in is forged or if its theft or loss has been reported to us or if you have not bought it from the Company or one of its authorized agents or if its is destroyed or in any way changed, provided this change was not made by us or our authorized agents or if the sequence of ticket coupons has been tampered with by any third party except us and our authorised agents.



8.1 Ask us or an authorised agent for information regarding the free weight of luggage that corresponds to your ticket fare or the number of items of luggage you may carry on your flight with us. You may need to pay an additional charge (we can provide you with information regarding such charges) if the weight of your luggage exceeds the free limit allowed ("excess luggage"). You can also receive information on the dimensions permitted for carry-on/hand luggage.
8.1.a You must inform us, when booking your ticket, regarding the transport of sensitive or fragile objects which, despite their size, cannot be transported as checked-in luggage. You may need to pay an additional charge for this service.

8.2 Prohibited items:
8.2.1 Your luggage may not contain the following objects and we will deny carrying them as luggage and/or deny continuing the carriage of such objects upon discovery, while we are also not liable for any loss or damages you may suffer due to violation of the following terms:

8.2.1(a) objects that may endanger the aircraft or persons or objects aboard the aircraft, as set out in our regulations, which refer to or incorporate IATA relevant regulations, objects the transport of which is prohibited by legislation in force in each state of departure, destination or intermediate stop or objects that, due to their type, sensitivity or perishability, may not, in our view, be accepted for carriage. The type of aircraft is an additional criterion (we can provide you with further information).

8. 2.1(b) The transport of weapons or ammunition, except for those used for hunting or sports and only if they are delivered to us as luggage during check-in, in a special container and, in the case of a firearm, not loaded with bullets or shot. In any case, you must inform us about this issue upon booking your ticket so that we can inform you of the special requirements for packaging and transporting such items.

8.2.2 Weapons, such as machine guns, swords, knives and related items, are subject to our discretion for approval for transport, but always after they have been declared as checked luggage at check-in.
Their transport within the aircraft cabin is expressly prohibited.
We bear no responsibility for any loss or damages you may suffer due to denial of import of such items at the country of your destination. Therefore, it is your obligation to receive relevant information from the local authorities of that country.

8.2.3 Money, jewellery, precious metals, computers, personal electronic devices, securities and bills or other valuables, professional documents,medicines, passports or identity cards should not be placed in your checked-in luggage. In case of non-compliance and subsequent damages, we will not be liable, unless a provision to the contrary is made under Article 15.
8.2.4 We inform you that reference to prohibited or hazardous items in Article 8 is purely indicative and in no case restrictive. Consult with us before your journey regarding items you wish to transport and which may fall into these categories. Moreover, we call your attention to the new security measures of the European Union (Commission Regulation 1546/2006) enforced at all Community airports, as well as those of Norway, Switzerland and Iceland, regarding the transport of liquids.
You can receive further information from us or our approved agents.



9.1 Scheduled Itinerary
The flight times listed in the scheduled itinerary or on your ticket may change between the date of issuance of the itinerary and the date of your journey or even after the date of issuance of the ticket. If you provide us with your contact details, we will make every reasonable effort to inform you about such a contingency. In the case that this change is significant and we cannot serve you with a different flight, you are entitled to being refunded with the ticket price you paid.

9.2 Cancellations - Delays - Boarding denied
9.2.1 The Company takes every necessary measure in order to avoid delays in your transport and the transport of your luggage. In exceptional cases, it may be necessary to arrange for the execution of our flight by a different carrier and/or with a different aircraft for our account. Our responsibility in the case of cancellation of a flight, long delay (defined as over 2 hours) and/or denial of boarding due to the number of passengers is governed by European Regulation 261/2004. Ask us regarding your rights by contacting the check-in desk or the boarding gate.



10.1 The price of your ticket or the unused portion of your ticket will be refunded to you where required by the regulations enforced at the time of issuance of the ticket for the specific fare. Contact us for further information. In order for the money to be refunded, the ticket and all, if any, unused flight stubs must be produced. Exceptions are made in cases of declared loss of ticket.

10.1.1 The money refunded is given to the person appearing on the ticket or - if these persons are not one and the same - to the person who can adequately prove that he or she paid for the ticket or, finally, to any third person indicated by the aforementioned persons.

10.1.2 Currency
We reserve the right to refund you for your ticket in the way or currency used during the purchase of the ticket.



If, according to our reasonable judgment, your conduct aboard the aircraft endangers the aircraft or any other person or object within the aircraft or if you hinder the crew in the execution of their duties or if you do not follow crew instructions, particularly those concerning smoking, alcohol or narcotics consumption, or if your conduct causes distress, harm or injury to another passenger or the crew, we will take all necessary measures, according to our judgment, to stop this conduct, including physical restriction. Moreover, you may be removed from the aircraft and we may deny you further carriage to any location. We may press charges for offences that took place aboard the aircraft.



We act exclusively as your agents when concluding any contract for the provision of services, excluding air carriage, with third parties or issuing a relevant ticket or token on your behalf. These cases indicatively include cases of car leasing or hotel reservations.



13.1 You are exclusively responsible for the issuance of all necessary travel documents and visas and for complying with all laws, regulations, instructions and travel requirements of the countries of departure, destination or transfer and for the consequences that your non-compliance may cause for you or third parties. All necessary documents, including -particularly - those related to exit, entry, health and other documents required by law, regulations, instructions, requirements or any other prerequisite condition of each country, must be obtained before your flight. You accept that we may need to keep copies of such documents and present them to the competent authorities of certain countries, if we are asked to do so.

13.1.1 If we pay any fine, penalty or expense due to your failure to comply with the laws, regulations, instructions, and requirements or travel prerequisite conditions of the corresponding countries or failure to obtain the necessary documents, you will be forced to remunerate us for any amount or expense we had to pay for this reason. Moreover, if you are denied entry to a country, you will be responsible for paying any fine or charge imposed on us by the corresponding Government and for the cost of your transport from this country. The fare collected for transport to the point of denial of entry will not be returned to you.

13.2 Obligation of check acceptance
If requested, you must allow your luggage to be checked by customs authorities, airport authorities or other state authorities. We are not liable to you for any damages you may suffer during this check or due to your non-compliance with this check.

13.3 Right of search
For reasons of security, we will ask you to allow your body to be search and scanned, as well as your luggage to be searched, scanned or X-rayed. If you are not available, your luggage may be checked in your absence in order to ascertain whether you are carrying or if your luggage contains any of the objects described above in paragraph 8.2.1a or any firearm or ammunitions not presented according to paragraphs 8.2.1b and 8.2.2. If you are not willing to comply with this request, we will deny carriage of you and your luggage. If the body search or scan causes damages to you or if the check or X-ray scan causes damage to your luggage, we are not liable for such damages, unless we are at fault for causing such damages.



For the purposes of the Convention, the carriage conducted by us or other air carriers with a Single or Conjunction Ticket is considered as a single carriage. However, we call your attention to the fact that each air carrier is liable for the part of carriage they undertake (see Article 15).



15.1 General Regulations
Our liability, as well as the liability of any air carrier involved in your journey, is defined by the local conditions of carriage. We are liable in accordance with the provisions of the Convention, as implemented by Regulation (EC) 889/2002 and national legislation in force. We are not liable for any damages caused by our compliance with applicable legislation or state mandates or regulations.

15.1.1 Any liability we may have for compensation is limited due to your negligence that may have caused, contributed to or extended damages, in accordance with the applicable legislation, unless the provisions of this Article state otherwise.

15.1.2 Liability of subsequent and contractual air carriers
We are only liable for damages incurred during transport to flights or parts of flights, the tickets for which bear our Air Carrier Code. If we issue a ticket or accept luggage during check-in for transport with a different air carrier, we are acting on that carrier's behalf in that case. In any other case, in regard to luggage delivered during check-in, you can take action against either the first or the last air carrier. If the flight is not executed by the air carrier the code of which is listed on the ticket (contractual air carrier), you are entitled to lodging a complaint or to seeking compensation from both air carriers.

15.1.3 In cases where our liability is excluded or limited, the same is also applicable for our authorized agents, our employees, our representatives and our execution assistants. None of these persons has the right to cancel or amend the terms of the carriage contract.

15.2 Compensation in case of death or bodily harm.
There are no financial limits for compensation in the case of injury or death of passengers. For damages up to 100,000 SDRs (approximately €123,000), we will not dispute claims for compensation. Above this amount, we may dispute the claim, exclude or limit our liability, if we can prove that we are not at fault for the harm or that the passenger contributed to his or her harm due to negligence. Moreover, in the case of death or injury of a passenger, we are obliged to make an advance payment in order to cover immediate financial needs within 15 days from the identification of the beneficiary of the compensation. In the case of death, this advance payment may not be less than 16,000 SDRs (approximately €20,000).

15.3 Passengers' Delayed
If passengers are delayed, we are responsible for damages, unless we took all reasonable measures to avoid the delay or if it was impossible to take such measures. The liability due to delay of air carriage of a passenger is limited to 4,150 SDRs (approximately €5,077).

15.4 Luggage Delayed
If luggage was delayed, we are responsible for damages, unless we took all reasonable measures to avoid the delay or if it was impossible to take such measures. Liability due to luggage delay is limited to 1,131 SDRs (approximately €1,300), including all claims for destruction, loss or damage.

15.5 Destruction, loss or damage of luggage
We are liable for the destruction, loss or damage of luggage for up to 1,131 SDRs (approximately €1,300). If the luggage in question is checked-in luggage, we are liable, even if we are not at fault for damages caused, unless the luggage was defective. In the case of undelivered luggage, we are only liable if we are at fault for the damages.

15.6 These conditions of carriage do not affect the Company's rights regarding exclusion or limitation of its liability, in accordance with the provisions of the Convention. The Company may invoke these rights at any time.



16.1 Written notification of damage, loss or delay of luggage
It is presumed that luggage was delivered intact, in time and in a befitting manner when the bearer of the luggage delivery certificate attached to the ticket during check-in unreservedly collects this luggage. In the case of damage, the passenger must inform the air carrier in writing within 7 days from collecting said luggage. In the case of delayed luggage delivery, the passenger must submit a written notification to this effect to the air carrier within 21 days from the day on which the luggage was made available to the carrier.

16.2 Judicial Actions
Any judicial action regarding compensation claims must be filed within a prescriptive date of 2 years from the day of arrival of the aircraft or the day on which the aircraft should have arrived. The calculation of this deadline is subject to applicable rules of procedure.



Apart from these terms, which supersede all individual regulations, unless expressly stated otherwise herein, certain special regulations apply to specific cases, such as - indicatively and without restriction - in regard to persons needing special assistance (see above under Article 7.3), the use of alcohol during a flight, etc. For safety/security reasons, we prohibit or restrict the use of electronic devices on-board, especially the use of mobile phones, laptop computers, recording devices, portable radio devices, CD players, electronic games, relaying devices including remote-controlled devices and two-way radios. The use of headphones and pacemakers is allowed. Ask us for relevant information.



The titles of this document are indicative and do not restrict or affect interpretation of the terms in any way.