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In flight Exercises

The following exercises are specially designed to assist you in relaxing your muscles and joints while increasing blood circulation and leaving you feeling refreshed even after being immobile for the duration of the flight.

These specially designed excersises should be performed with ease when seated, without causing inconvenience to your fellow passengers. However, they must always be executed with caution, respect to your fellow passengers’ personal space, and also should not be pressing or hard to perform.

You can repeat the program every 1 to 2 hours and regularly walk up and down the aircraft aisles.

Ankle rotation

Lift one foot off the floor and rotate with your feet. Rotate 8 times clockwise and 8 times counter-clockwise. Rest for a while and repeat with the other foot.

Foot stretches

Keep your feet on the floor. Lift your soles as much as possible simultaneously keeping your heels firmly on the floor. Step down onto the floor and lift your soles again, this time with your toes firmly on the floor.

Repeat 5 times at a regular pace.

Leg lift

Hold on to your seat and lift one leg off the floor with the knee bent. Tighten your thigh muscles. Lower your leg and rest. Switch legs.

Repeat 5 times for each leg.

Buttocks tightening

Flex your buttocks for 5 seconds. Relax.

Lower back stretches

Lean slightly forward. Fold your elbow around your knee and pull it towards your chest. Hold for 15 seconds. Lower your leg slowly, while progressively relaxing your hold. Continue with the other leg.

Repeat 5 times.

Forward torso curl

Keep both feet on the ground and lean slowly forward, with your back straight. Slide your hands on your legs, until they touch your ankles. Hold for 15 seconds. Rise slowly.

Head rotation

With your muscles relaxed, lean your head to the side, as if you wanted to touch your shoulder with your ear. Slide your head gently forward, then to the other side, back, and then to the beginning position. Stay in each position for 5 seconds. Repeat to complete 5 rotations.

Shoulder rotation

Move your shoulders gently forward and upwards, then backward and downward, to form a circle.

Repeat 5 times. Repeat in the reverse direction.

Arm extension

Stretch your arms to the sides. Bend your elbows and slowly bring your hands to your chest. Repeat 5 times.

Palm stretches

Clench your fists. Open your palms and stretch your fingers. Hold for 5 seconds. Repeat 8 times.

Relax your eyes

Rub your palms together to warm them up. Close your eyes and cover them with your palms for 3 minutes. Breathe deeply and slowly.

Rest and refresh yourselves

Sit comfortably on your seat and relax. Breathe deeply and slowly through the nose. Fill your chest with air and push it downwards (you will first see your chest protrude and then your tummy). Exhale slowly through the mouth. Concentrate on your breathing. Repeat as many times as you wish.