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Environmental Policy

Olympic Air considers environmental performance of its activities as one of the top priorities. 

Olympic Air’s policy is to fully comply with all applicable legal requirements, as well as with any other requirements that arises from its contractual obligations to third parties and which are related to the environmental aspects of the specific company's activities (aircraft maintenance, ground administration & supervision, sales desks, EU ETS monitoring). 

In order to succeed to it, we apply an Environmental Management System according to the ISO 14001:2004 standard, to manage all the environmental issues that arise from these activities. 

Our current key environmental objective is to meet the environmental targets, through the monitoring of performance and the implementation of the planned environmental programmes. Through the Environmental Management System (EMS), certain duties and responsibilities are assigned to the EMS Workgroup, and documented procedures are followed in order to establish and review the environmental targets and programs of the company. 

It is our company's policy to ensure that all of the involved staff has the appropriate awareness and training, to realize the environmental aspects of their work and their participation in the Environmental Management System (EMS). 

We will promote mutually beneficial cooperation with our suppliers towards environmental protection. It is our policy and commitment to constantly care for the improvement of our environmental performance and also for the prevention of potential pollution, always in relation to the nature and the scope of activities that are conducted therein. 

The management of Olympic Air invites all staff to participate in the overall process of continual improvement, by trying to comprehend, implement and maintain this policy at all levels, and we will provide with all necessary support at every stage of planning and implementing the Environmental Management System. 

Environmental policy will be reviewed annually during the Environmental Management System review, in order to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.