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For one more month, our passengers will get to know many more wonderful parts of Greece, as we dedicate this September to Dodecanese area, thus bringing you closer to the amazing islands of the complex! In the southeast part of the Aegean Sea, Dodecanese hide a combination of ancient, historic paths and generous natural beauty.

The medieval city of Rhodes, the historical capital of the Dodecanese islands, will unveil its Knights’ stories. In Kalymnos you will learn the secrets of the local sponge divers. In Kasos, impressive landscapes and colors will captivate you. In Karpathos, the blessed from the Olympian Gods island, you will be enchanted and thrilled by the wild sceneries and the rich heritage. In Kastellorizo, you will walk the beautiful promenade of the farthest island in the southeastern Aegean Sea. In Leros you may meet the ancient goddess Artemis while gazing across the imposing castle of Panaghia, while in Astypalaia, the butterfly-shaped island with its particular architecture and the charming windmills of its Chora, you will discover traditional fishing villages.

Many smaller islands and islets perfect the beautiful complex of Dodecanese; Some of the most renowned being mystical Patmos, serene Symi, the volcanic Nisyros, colorful Tilos and heavenly Lipsi.

This September, it is our pleasure to bring you as many more images, colors and tastes of these four islands of the Dodecanese as we can offering you unforgettable memories with every flight with us.

Wherever you fly with Olympic Air this September, you will have the opportunity to taste the local traditional delicacies that we will have the pleasure to offer you in every flight with us; you will be able to taste traditional “melekouni” with aromatic thyme honey, natural sesame, almonds, orange and lemon peel and spices, orange and oat melekouni bars, and marzipan “amygdalato” from Leros island.

So, get ready for a trip full of Dodecanesean flavors and sceneries that will travel you straight to deep blue waters, local stories and their endless sunlight of the Dodecanese islands.