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Special dedication to Eastern Macedonia and Thrace

Our journey for 2017 continues in a northerly direction to Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.

This month too we are bringing Greece even closer, offering wonderful traditional flavours and beautiful images from the whole of Greece on our aircraft.

Mountains with a view of the sea, biotopes protected by NATURA 2000 and a stunning wild natural landscape await you in this special dedication.  

Our journey begins in our lounges in Athens, Thessaloniki and Larnaka, which will be filled with the aromas and flavours of Northern Greece.

Pepper Chutney, "Inouta" Grapemust pie and Chocolate Bites with Cheese from the Ethnological Museum of Thrace along with a Mini Sandwich with demi-sec salami, Papadopoulos cold cuts and mozzarella from Xanthi and a Platter of cheese with "Zarzavatsaki" Chevre and  "Zarzavatsaki" Mozzarella from cow’s milk (18%), non-salted await to take you on a taste journey to Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.

On our flights, all economy class passengers will be offered a Zarzavatsaki chocolate kourabie shortbread as a treat.

Fasten your seatbelts and come fly with us!