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This month as well, we bring Greece close to our beautiful destinations by dedicating August to the largest and definitely most multi-faceted island of our country; Crete.

Throughout this oblong land of about 3,200 square miles, one can come across almost everything, ranging from tropical beaches to snow-white mountains and from modern cityscapes to picturesque cobbled squares in the shade of plane trees. This diverse and blessed place is the birthplace of some of the oldest and most important civilizations on earth; thousands of years later, the civilization of Crete still remains unique and enchanting.

This is the charm that we have decided to convey throughout August in our aircrafts and lounges through tastes, aromas and images of beautiful Crete.

More specifically, in our lounges we will offer you traditional "xerotigana" dough sweets from Sitia, “Damianakis” mini rusks, “Kouklinos” honey-cheese pies from Sfakia, “Lambakis” mini pies stuffed with greens or goat cheese, “Savoidakis” "lihnarakia" and "anevata" pastries, “Dikti” "kefalotyri" cheese and “Meligyris” honey. At the same time, you can indulge into sandwiches filled with "apaki" cured meat and Cretan gruyere cheese, while enjoying a glass of “Vidiano 2015” white wine and, of course, raki.

The gourmet trip is complemented by the spellbinding images from the four regions of Crete, screened as a video-special on the monitors in space.

And when the sign “Fasten your seatbelts” blinks, we will offer you at Economy class delicacies like gruyere breadstick, carob biscuit, carob mini rusk with raisins, almond and chocolate muffin, butter biscuit and orange-scented rusk.                                               

So, whichever your holiday destination this August, the only sure thing is that you will "pass" by Crete as well, through this unique travel experience we have prepared for you.