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In March 2017, we travel south to the Peloponnese.

This month, we are bringing Greece even closer by offering a taste of tradition on our flights along with a look at the beauty found in every corner of the country.

Countless picturesque villages, a multitude of archaeological and historic monuments, turquoise waters and mountainous terrain will be featured in this month's focus on the Peloponnese.

The journey begins in our lounges in Athens, Thessaloniki and Larnaka, which will be filled with the flavours and scents of the Peloponnese.

Sfela cheese, lalagia donuts, mini-sandwiches with talagani and vegetables or sfela will transport your palate to the Peloponnese, while Economy Class passengers will satisfy their sweet tooth with Koulos almond locoums and Navarino Icons sesame seed honey bars.

Fasten your seatbelt and come travel with us!