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Greek summer is full of beautiful images and unique flavors. This month, we look forward to welcoming you onboard and take you a trip on the islands of Samos, Lemnos and Ikaria through our special tribute.

For those travelling in July, you will have the chance to taste local products, such as cheese bread rolls with “kalathaki” and “melichloro” traditional cheese, "phoenix" cookies from Ikaria and wine endowed with the aromas of the land of Lemnos.

In our business lounges, be prepared to get sweetened with a wide variety of local delicacies, such as sugar-free strawberry and cranberry-orange jams from Samos, bitter lemon spoon sweets, fig spoon sweets, and Rinio's spoon sweets with caramelized almonds, walnuts and bitter orange. Samos Anthemis wine will also be served in our buffet.

Join us to explore the fascinating beauties and authentic flavors of the islands of the Northeastern Aegean Sea!