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November is dedicated to Thessaloniki, the city that never sleeps.

World cultural heritage monuments, a wide variety of mouthwatering creations, a unique nightlife, endless walks with a view of Thermaikos Gulf and so much more is just waiting to enchant the visitors to Greece’s second largest city.

Let us take you on a journey to our city of Thessaloniki through a culinary experience in our lounges, where you will find – everyone’s favourite tsoureki (a sweet brioche-like loaf) – plain or with various fillings – and classic bougatsa with cheese or cream (sweet and savoury pastries), as well as Pastry Shell. This toothsome tour is completed with Thessaloniki koulouri (sesame seed bread rings) sandwiches.

Those of you traveling with us in November will have the opportunity to enjoy mini-tulumbas (syrup sweets), Constantinople-style Cardamom, and tsoureki-rolls.

Fasten your seatbelts regardless of your final destination, as we’re taking you on a quick tour around beautiful Thessaloniki!