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Reforestation program by Olympic Air


On Sunday, February 20th, Olympic  Air, in collaboration with the plant-a-tree.gr organization, will implement an 1814 tree planting program, in the area of Kalivia Attikis.

In December 2010, the frequent flyer program of Olympic Air, TravelaIr  Club, launched a successful Internet Christmas contest "Light Up Your Tree".

Olympic Air was committed then, that for every Christmas tree that was fully lit in the competition, a real tree will be planted!

After the completion, of the "Light up your tree" competition, 1814 Christmas trees were 'lit up'.

So on Sunday, officers and employees of Olympic group, along with their families and friends, will take action in an effort to boost reforestation of the burnt areas in Kalivia region of Attica.

The purpose of this action for Olympic Air is both the regeneration of degraded ecosystems and also the awakening of environmental consciousness of the public.