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Promotional Fares to all Olympic Air’s destinations

Olympic Air runs a promo-fares campaign for 35.000 seats. The offer is valid for all Olympic Air’s destinations, operated by an Olympic Air aircraft (Public service order routes are excluded).


Promo fares start as from 29 euros for one way, direct travel from any Greek domestic destination to Athens and as from 60 euros for one way, direct travel from Athens to any Greek domestic destination. From Athens to all domestic destinations, prices (one-way ticket) start from 60 Euros, while prices for travelling from any Greek airport to Athens, start from 29 Euros. One way fares for flight to/from Thessaloniki (Salonika) and any other domestic destination, except Athens, start from 29 Euros.

Fares from Athens to all international destinations, for a one way trip, start from 50 Euros where return trips from any OA’s international destinations to Athens start from 43 Euros.

The offer is valid for sales/bookings between June 19th and June 27th 2012 and for travel between September 1st and October 31st 2012; reservations can be made through our website, www.olympicair.com .

Promo fares are valid for one way trips on Olympic Air’s flights and aircraft and include all airport taxes.( Subsidized routes are excluded from this offer).

For more information and reservations please visit, www.olympicair.com or contact our call center 801 801 01 01 (when calling from Greece) or +30 210 3550500 (from mobile phone or from abroad). Bookings are also available through travel agencies