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Offer for 80.000 seats


Olympic Air runs a promo-fare campaign offering 80.000 seats for domestic and international flights. The offer is valid for scheduled trips flown between September 24th and November 30th.

More Specifically:

Promo fares start from 33 Euros for a one way trip, from any Greek domestic destination to Athens and from 58 Euros for a one way trip, from Athens to any Greek domestic destination.

In addition one way fares for flights to/from Thessaloniki (Salonika) and any other domestic destination (except Athens) start from 33 Euros.

One way fares for flight to Athens from all international destinations, , start from 43 Euros whereas from Athens to all international destinations, fares start from 50 Euros.

The offer is valid for sales/bookings between September 1st and September 11th 2012; reservations can be made through our website, www.olympicair.com .

Promo fares are valid for one way trips on Olympic Air’s flights and aircraft, including all airport taxes. (Subsidized domestic routes are excluded from this offer).

 Athens – Larnaca  from €50  Larnaca - Athens  from €50
 Athens - Sofia  from €59  Sofia - Athens  from €59
 Athens - Bucharest  from €59  Bucharest - Athens  from €58
 Athens - Istanbul  from €69  Istanbul - Athens  from €71
 Athens- Tirana  from €59  Tirana- Athens  from €59
 Athens - Belgrade  from €59  Belgrade - Athens  from €59
 Athens – Tel Aviv  from €65  Tel Aviv - Athens  from €43

For more information and reservations please visit, www.olympicair.com or contact our call center 801 801 01 01 (when calling from Greece) or +30 210 3550500 (from mobile phone or from abroad). Bookings are also available through travel agencies.