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Bombardier honors Olympic Air for Q400 high reliability & performance in Europe


For the second consecutive year Bombardier Inc., manufacturer of Q400 type of aircraft, has awarded Olympic Air in recognition for its reliability and outstanding performance in all aspects of flight operations in the European region.

The annual award was presented at a special ceremony held on April 30th, 2012, in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Every year Bombardier Inc. honors airlines which demonstrate high performance and reliability using its aircraft. For Olympic Air it is of high importance that this award was presented for the second consecutive year!

This new award was the result of a reliability rate of over 99% in Q400 flights throughout 2011 and 2010. This top performance reflects the high level of Olympic Air’s service, reliability and flight safety for its passengers on a constant basis. And it is particularly impressive when taking into account the intensely competitive environment in the airline industry.

Bombardier Q400 is regarded as the most successful and technologically most advanced civil aviation turboprop aircraft. Quiet, cheaper, faster, bigger (length 33 meters, almost identical to that of the Airbus A319), it represents a revolution compared with the preceding aircraft types. Today, more than 430 Q400s fly around the world. Together with the smaller series Q/Dash8 they exceed 1000 aircraft.

Due to its extremely low emissions and sound signature, Q400 is one of the few aircraft permitted to fly to airports located around and inside cities. Specifically Q400 is producing 40% fewer emissions than other aircraft and helping the effort to reduce atmospheric pollution. Its fuel consumption per passenger is better compared to that of a conventional car, while offering exceptional performance, comfort, safety and reliability for 78 passengers. Olympic Air operates a fleet of ten Q400 aircraft and five Bombardier DHC-8-100.