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Olympic Air welcomes you to Business On Board

Olympic Air continues to support business and business people in Greece and throughout its foreign network, with the unique reward program Business on Board. The program offers distinctive privileges and services not only to companies but also to each member of the company for their business trips with Olympic Air.

Registration to Business on Board is free of charge and offers multiple benefits. Through a simple procedure, every participating company may be able to earn and redeem miles which can be spent on free tickets for any Olympic Air's destination. At the same time company members continue to receive exclusive benefits both in the air and on the ground using their personal Travelair Club membership card, whereas they can earn and redeem miles taking advantage of special discounts and offers!

How Business on Board works

Upon registration to Business on Board, your company receives a unique code, which is used for the administration of the account. From the very first day, 1 mile is earned for every 1euro spent on Olympic Air tickets. The more you select Olympic Air for your business trips, the more you earn. Miles ratio can be raised up to 7 miles for every euro spent, during the 12- month period from the registration date. Your miles can be redeemed in award trips at any given time within the running year, (without affecting the total miles sum) while the euro expenditure continuous to count cumulatively.

For further information concerning the Business on Board program kindly visit Olympic Air’s official webpage www.olympicair.com.