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Olympic Air officially welcomed with full honors the Hellenic Paralympic team


Olympic Air as official sponsor of the Hellenic Paralympic Committee (HPC)  welcomed with great pride and strong emotions the athletes who arrived from the Paralympics of London, just like they had promised: With “overweight” of success and medals in their luggage.

At 04.00 p.m an Airbus320 of Olympic Air carried in a special flight the Paralympic team from London ,who honoured our country with 12 medals: 1 Gold, 3 Silver and 8 Bronze.

The arrival ceremony  in honor of our athletes was held at Olympic Air’s headquarters (Building 57), Athens International Airport, with emotions of great pride and excitement.

The president of HPC Mr. George Fountoulakis, expressed his gratitude for Olympic Air’s valuable support to the Hellenic Paralympic team  in London and asked the Greek State to support the Team in the near future as well: “ We believe that this great success in Beijing and London will constitute the cause for a dynamic support of all our athletes and the HPC .”

The deputy Minister of Culture responsible for Sports Mr. Ioannis Ioannidis congratulated the Team not only for their achievements but for their general life stand: “You are the real fighters and winners of life. I would like to ensure you that from the State’s viewpoint we will continue to stand by your side in order to have the appropriate sports installations with the necessary access.

In addition he was grateful for Olympic Air’s valuable support and their involvement in this special athletic mission whereas he admitted that in the near future the Government intends to promote the scheme of the Athlete’s School, which will encourage all students with special talent in sports. 

The Commercial Director of Olympic Air,  Mr. Tassos Mais in attention of the team members mentioned: “ We were emotionally moved by your competition at the games and your insistence. Your effort and your faith gave us strength. Your victories made us all very proud. You all taught us that we should fight in order to achieve our goals. We gain power like yours and we strongly believe that Greece can “fly high.”

The passengers of Olympic Air and the greek audience in general,  expressed their enthusiasm through the Olympic Air’s official page on Facebook (www.facebook.com/olympicair) which was full of messages during the Paralympics.

The Marketing and PR Manager of Olympic Air presented samples of facebook posts which were written in honor of our athletes. In attention of Mrs. Anthi Karagianni : “ Yiannis P. No matter what happens there are STILL humans who MAKE OUR COUNTRY PROUD. Congratulations to all our athletes.” 

The history

The first games for athletes with a disability were held in 1948 in Stoke Mandeville, England. Four years later, athletes from the Netherlands competed at the Stoke Mandeville Games and the athletic movement known as the Paralympic Movement was born. The first Olympic style games for athletes with a disability were organized in 1960 in Rome following the Olympic Games in the same city. Since then, the Paralympic games have been held on a four year cycle, falling on the same year as the Olympic Games. Since 1960, there have been twelve Summer Games and nine Winter Games. The first Greek participation at the Paralympics was in 1976 in Toronto. Since then, Greek athletes have been competing at the games with a National Delegation. All these years, Greek athletes have participated at a high level ad won many medals. Greece had its biggest delegation in history at the Paralympic Games in Athens consisting of 137 athletes. This huge participation at the Games hosted in Greece showed the keen interest of the Greek society in the Paralympic society. The Athens Paralympic Games put Paralympic sport onto a new level of athletic performance and organizational quality, achieving high recognition nationally and internationally. The Hellenic Paralympic Team who competed at Paralympic Games London “2012”consisted of 61 athletes and 49 escorts.