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Olympic Air supports Greek athletes in Paralympic Games London 2012


Olympic Air, official sponsor of the Hellenic Olympic Committee, will carry the athletes of the Greek Olympic team to London on July 23rd  and on August 13th , the same aircraft will bring them them back to Athens.

With the same respect to the Olympic ideals, Olympic Air also supports the Hellenic Team which will participate in the Paralympic Games, to be held in London from August 29th until September 9th . Specifically an Olympic Air’s Airbus A320, on a special flight, will carry the Greek athletes from Athens to London on August 22nd and back to Athens on September 11th .

History of Paralympic Games

The first Games for athletes with disabilities were held in 1948 in Stoke Mantevil in England. Four years later, athletes from the Netherlands participated in these games, giving birth to the international movement that is now known as the Paralympic Games.
The first Olympic Games for athletes with disabilities were formally organized in 1960 in Rome, and were held after the Olympic Games in the same city. Since then the Paralympic Games are held every 4 years, always in the same year as the Olympics.

The participation of Greece

Greek athletes participate in Paralympic Games since 1976. From 1988 and on Greece participates in these Games with official national delegations. During the last Paralympic Games Athens 2004, Greece participated with the largest Paralympic Team so far.