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Olympic Air connects the island of Santorini with Mykonos & Heraklio

Olympic Air announces the launch of its new Santorini- Mykonos- Santorini and Santorini- Heraklio- Santorini routes starting on June 30, 2013. As part of its summer schedule the new routes will be operated three times a week on Bombardier Q400 aircraft on flights designed to cover the passengers’ travel needs for these high tourist destinations.

The flights will take place every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday while the connection will be effective till September 15, 2013.

The flight schedule will be held as follows:

1. Santorini – Mykonos- Santorini: the flight OA855 will depart from Santorini airport every Friday and Sunday at 11.35 and arrive at 12.10 in Mykonos .The same flight will depart every Wednesday from Santorini at 12.15 with arrival time 12.50 in Mykonos. In addition the flight OA854 will depart from Mykonos Airport every Friday and Sunday at 08.35 and arrive at 09.10 in Santorini.  Every Wednesday will depart from Mykonos at 09.15 with arrival time 09.50 in Santorini.

2. Santorini – Heraklio - Santorini: The flight OA831 that will connect Santorini to Heraklio will depart every Friday and Sunday at 09.35 and arrive at 10.10 in Heraklio. Every Wednesday the departure of the flight is scheduled at 10.15 with arrival time 10.50 in Heraklio. Respectively the flight OA830 will depart from the International Airport of Heraklio “N. Kazantzakis” every Friday and Sunday at 10.35 with arrival time 11.10 in Santorini. On Wednesday the flight will depart from Heraklio at 11.15 and arrive at 11.50 in Santorini.

The flights will be operated on Bombardier Q400 aircraft, offering 78 seats in Economy & Premium class.