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Dash 8 Q400

The Q400 NextGen aircraft is technologically advanced and the largest, fastest and quietest regional turboprop in the world. The Q400 NextGen aircraft has set new environmental standards. It radically reduces carbon emissions, thanks to its lower overall fuel burn.

The new Q400 aircraft cabin is exceptionally bright, and – thanks to “Active Noise and Vibration Suppression” (ANVS) – very quiet. The cabin’s spacious overhead bins, the natural light, the Led Lighting, the new seats and the low noise level, create a comfortable and enjoyable flying experience that passengers really appreciate. The Bombardier Q400 turboprop is one of the quietest aircraft flying today, both inside the cabin as well as outside. Outside the cabin it is one of the few aircraft that is quiet enough to operate in airports close to city centers.

The Bombardier Q400 may be the most comfortable way yet to reduce our environmental impact, as it uses 30-40% less fuel. This means it is more fuel efficient per passenger than an average car. It also produces 30-40% less emissions, which means 6,000-8,000 fewer tons of CO2 in the air every year for every Q400 aircraft.


 Manufacture   Bombardier de Havilland 
 Engines        Pratt & Whitney
 Overall length  32.81 m
 Wingspan  28.4 m
 Fuselage diameter  2.69 m
 Height  8.3 m
 Cruising Speed  414 mph (667 km/h)
 Max. Altitude  25,000 ft (7,600 m)
 Max. Take-off Weight  64,500 lb (29,260 kg)
 Max. Landing Weight  61,750 lb (28,010 kg)
 Range*  600NM (1.111,2 km)
 Cabin Width  2.51 m
 Passengers  78
 Number of Aircraft  10

* With max. number of passengers