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Athens offers a real treasure trove of cultural happenings during the summer months. Every year, the city hosts a wide variety of musical, theatrical and other events, centred around the ancient theatre of Herod Atticus in the city centre, as well as in the awesome Epidaurus theatre, about an hour away from the city. Important foreign and Greek productions, as well as world famous performers, have seized the opportunity to ply their trade in these venerable venues, offering a unique experience, propelling you to ancient Greek times. If you find yourselves in Athens during the summer months, do not miss this life affirming opportunity.


Apart from ancient and Byzantine ruins, Athens offers state of the art propositions. Visit the Planetarium, to enjoy mind boggling voyages of space discovery. At the Meizonos Ellinismou Foundation, technology meets history thanks to the unique holographic exhibit, taking you back to Antiquity.
Planetarium: We Th Fr 17:30-20:30, Sa Su 10:30-20:30
Meizonos Ellinismou Foundation: Mo Tu Th 09:00-14:00, We Fr 09:00-21:00, Su 10:00-15:00

Planetarium:Syggrou ave. Pal. Faliro, T +30 2109469600, Meizonos Ellinismou Foundation:38, Poulopoulou str. T +30 2122545000, Ellinikos Kosmos:254 Pireos str. Tavros, T +30 2122540000


Discover your very own hang out joint in the city centre’s small neighborhoods and their small trendy bars. In the district within Aiolou, Agias Eirinis and Ermou streets, seek out interesting places for a drink or dinner. Try the neighborhood of Exarhia, the city’s students main hang out.