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Rent a private sailboat, complete with its crew, to visit Menies and Gramvousa, tiny uninhabited islands, their pristine waters, and deserted villages. Stop to take a dip in Balos lagoon, Crete’s answer to the Caribbean.


In close proximity to Chania, don’t miss: Hrysopigi’s fortified monastery, at a distance of 3km from the city centre; Gouveneto monastery and its unique architecture, hidden courtyards and tunnels, in Akrotiri and the quaint village of Mournies.
On the island’s western edge, the village of Sfakia, and the district of Kissamos, beckon. To Sfakia’s East, the vast sandy beaches and Venetian ruins of Fragkokastelo have been the setting for one the island’s most enduring myths. According to legend, ghosts of the fallen in local medieval battles rise from the sea at dawn, although science attributes the phenomenon to an optical illusion.


Stroll along Skridlof street for reasonably priced high quality leatherwear, while good deals in souvenirs are to be found at Sifaka street. In Mousouron street, the indoor market has been for ages the gathering spot of the city’s denizens. In its stalls and stores be prepared to find every conceivable local fare and ware, while in the Old Town’s narrow streets, local craftsmen cater to the finest tastes.