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Canyoning is the new hiking. This specialized ravine and gorge hiking is well represented in Chania. The Samaria Gorge –accessible from May to October- is its ultimate destination. Start the demanding hike from Xyloskalo (elev. 1,227 m) on the Omalos plateau, and end up six hours later in the pristine beach of Agia Roumeli. During your hike, through thick underbrush, brooks and small waterfalls, you will come across the gorge’s endangered wild Kri Kri goats.
For an easier –but equally exciting- three hour hike, try the Agia Eirini gorge in Anatoliko Selino, leading you a short distance from the village of Sougia. The Imvros gorge, smaller but verdant, will take you to Komitades in two to three hours, while a hike in Topoliano gorge will take you to the cave of Agia Sofia, filled with stalagmites.


Numerous beaches and an enchanting underwater world confer Crete its outstanding diving status. For novice divers, snorkeling and introductory diving courses are on offer. A dive in Afrata, around Palaiosouda island and in the caves of Saint Onoufris will convince you.