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How To Reach

The airport of Karpathos is located 15 minutes drive from the capital and has no bus service; however numerous taxis wait outside the terminal. During summer, local buses services will take you to the villages. Olympos enjoys a daily boat connection to the port of Diafani.


When to go:
Easter is a good time to experience the island’s local customs and traditions. During the summer months you will enjoy the pristine beaches and lively August festivities.
Language: Greek
Currency: Euro
Area code: +30 22450
Voltage: 220V AC


Police 100, +30 2245022222, +30 2245022224
Tourist Police: +30 2245022212
Fire department 199, +30 2245023676
Ambulance: 166
Hospital: +30 2245022228
Port Authority: +30 2245022227
Airport: +30 2245023101, +30 2245091030
Bus station: +30 2245022338
Taxis: +30 2245022705
Official Link: www.karpathos.gr