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Kastelorizo, also known as “Megisti”, is the easternmost part the European Union, just one-and-half nautical miles from the Turkish coast. In Ancient times, long before gaining its present international renown as the magnificent setting for the Oscar winning film “Mediterraneo”, the island was inhabited by the Dorians. Later -ruled by the governors of Rhodes- it served as a naval base for the Roman fleet. After four centuries of Byzantine rule, Kastelorizo was conquered by the sultan of Egypt, to flourish as a privileged trading post under the Ottomans. Relatively brief stints of British and Italian occupation and the island’s total destruction during WWII, led to official unification with Greece in 1947.

The island’s name comes from the Italian phrase “Castello Rosso” (Red Castle), describing the fortifications of the Knights of St John.The minuscule island –with an area of just 9 square km and 400 residents- offers the visitor images of intense beauty. Impressive rich, brightly painted homes, unique examples of Dodecanesian architecture heavily influenced by its Italian experience, reveal the island’s past greatness. Stroll along the picturesque streets and “read” the island’s history on its buildings and monuments.