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The island offers a great variety of cuisine, both local and international. Traditional tavernas are to be found in every one of the island’s villages, while in beach resorts, you can enjoy gourmet cuisine.


For a taste of culinary tradition, ask for “Krasotyri” or “kokkinotyri”. This goat milk cheese -accorded a denomination of origin- will titillate your palate with its characteristic peppery taste. Be certain to try the “lampropites” (round cheese pies with fresh unsalted cream and eggs), “katimeria” (fried cheese pie with mytzithra served with honey and cinnamon), pitaridia (noodles in meat broth) and the “xismata” (wheat bread, kneaded with grated cheese and herbs).
Kos’ semisweet white wine is widely exported and considered a fine accompaniment to local dishes. Try “kanelada”, a sweet cinnamon drink prized by the locals.