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The “Ippokrateia”, held annually in summer time, are the island’s major cultural event, recreating –among others- the oath of Hippocrates in its original setting. During the summer, visitors will also enjoy the festivals of Dikaia and Irakleia, with theatre, concerts, art exhibitions and folk dancing. In Kardamaina, no summer would be complete without the festival of Alasarnia, with its signature chess tournament. In August, Mastihari hosts its very own Wine Festival, while at Kefalos fun can be had at the local Fish Festival.
Religious Festivals
The feast of Agios Georgios is celebrated in grand pomp on April the 23rd in Pyli, where horse races are simultaneously held. August 15th in Kefalos is known for the boiled goat offered by the locals.


During the summer, Kos plays host to the International Medical Film Festival, with films selected from around the world for their contribution to the understanding of medicine. The event serves as an occasion for networking between members of the medical profession.