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Lemnos’ many small villages become lively in summertime, maintaining at the same time their traditional character. Take Myrina as your starting point for excursions to nearby villages. Visit Kontias, 12 km from Myrina, and marvel at its abandoned windmills and majestic 19th century villas, remnants of the island’s heyday. Your next stop should be Kaspakas, hanging perilously on the slopes of Agios Athanasios mountain, with its artfully crafted stone houses and cobble stone streets. In Moudros, on the island’s East shore, find one of Greece’s largest natural harbours and visit the British war cemetery dating from WWI.
A short distance away, the island’s 20 million year old Petrified Forest offers a very different perspective. Visit the quaint village of Thanos, at a distance of 7 km from Myrina, built on a steep hillside. The villages of Agakariones, Kotsinas, Tsimandria, Atsiki, Kornos, Palio Pedino, Portianou, Sardes, Dafni, Katalakko, Agia Sofia, Fysini and Skandali are also worth visiting.


One of the island’s attractions is its flamingo population, finding temporary refuge in the 6,500 acres of wetland bounded by three lakes: Aliki, Chortarolimni and Asprolimni. Every year, hundreds of thousands of migratory birds, stop there to recuperate or to spend the winter. About 5,000 flamingos, Lesser Kestrels, partridges and other migratory birds add to the impressive setting.
The region of Agios Ioannis in Kaspakas and its impressive 15 meter high waterfall offers a cool break from the day’s heat. The formation of small pools under the falls provide shelter for frogs, crabs, turtles and eels! The area is known as the “Hanging Waters”.


Despite its rocky terrain, Lemnos is a fertile island, exporting high quality produce such as cereals, vegetables, wine, figs, raisins, almonds and especially honey. Seek out “salamoura” cheese and sweet local halva. The island’s large fishing fleet brings home its daily catch, ensuring a constant supply of fresh seafood. Taste local wines, known throughout Greece.


The Alexandrian moshato local grape variety produces sweetly intoxicating wines, considered among the Greece’s finest. Try one of the newer additions to this prestigious list, the red Kalabaki Lemnos wine.