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The beautiful island of Lemnos, in the northern Aegean Sea is a popular summer resort for both Greeks and foreigners, managing –in the meanwhile- to safeguard its genuine atmosphere. Green hills, beaches ringed in sand dunes, crystal clear waters, bizarre geological formations and picturesque villages make Lemnos unique in the Dodecanese.
Myrina, the capital and main port of Lemnos, is made up of two settlements: Cas, on the Southern (so called Turkish) shore, and Androni on the Northern. From the Turkish shore, labyrinthine streets lead you to enchanting walks, among old houses and small cafes in neoclassical buildings. On the Greek Northern shore you’ll come across the most beautiful neighbourhood of Myrina! Here, town houses of the 19th century, with facades made of Lemnos’ grey and black granite and cobblestone streets, contribute to a distinctive atmosphere of nobility.