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Mykonos is an inexhaustible shopper’s paradise, with Matoyiannia being one the most expensive streets in Europe, both in terms of prices as well as rents! Shops in Mykonos sell handmade mosaics, textiles and jewellery, while the world’s grandest brands are on sale in the boutiques of Chora. Mykonos should not be exclusively associated with luxury restaurants and pretentious cuisine. Taste the island’s rich local flavours and recipes. The book “Mykonos cuisine – A Mosaic of Culture” (ed. Indiktos) by Dimitris Rousounelos deserves a look. If not in the mood for reading, queue for a seat in “Maereio” for traditional dishes. Do not leave Mykonos without trying traditional almond sweets and soumada (refreshingly made from almond milk) at “Efthimiou” in Steno in Chora. Get some Myconos “louza” (traditional sausage from locally grown pork) and the spicy cheese “kopanisti”, the perfect accompaniment to ouzo.

“Maereio” T:+302289028825
“Efthimiou” T:+302289022281


Grab a taste of the Aegean, its traditional farmsteads and village architecture in Ano Mera. An ideal spot for a relaxing stroll, the village offers its ancient settlement of Palaiokastro for a visit. A short distance away, the Panagia Tourliani monastery –founded in 1542- is worth the walk to marvel at its decorations, episcopal throne and Florentine woodworks.


A short distance from Mykonos stands the tiny island of Delos. The island –one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites- has been inhabited since the 3rd millennium BC and was considered one of Antiquity’s holiest sites. In the island’s North you’ll come across the Gallery, the Agora, the theatre and the ruins of three temples.
Boats leaving Chora every day except Monday will bring you to Delos in a mere 20 minutes. Departures from the pier of Palio Limani from 09:00 to 12:50. Return trips from Delos are at 12:15, 13:30 and 15:00.


In the town of Mykonos you will find many art galleries and see exhibitions hosted in the Municipal Gallery. In the summer, performances and concerts are held at the Grypareion Cultural Center, 1 km from Chora or at the “Theatraki tis Lakkas” or even watch a film at the open air cinema "Cine Manto" in the Meletopoulos Garden.
Monday-Saturday 07:30-22:00

"Grypareion" Cultural Center:+30 2289028636
Theatraki tis "Lakkas":+30 2289027791
Cine Manto:+30 2289026165