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The island’s long culinary tradition has found its apex in “Louza”, the lovingly smoked pork rump, as well in kopanisti, the tangy spicy cheese spread guaranteed to excite your palate. Try other local specialties, namely: onion pie, fried marathos balls and garlic spaghetti. Be advised that some of Greece’s best restaurants have gathered in Mykonos offering dishes for all tastes.
The Chora, one huge bar in itself, while the latest trend is of partying till dawn in beach bars. The Gialos distict in Chora is also chock full of café-restaurants. Little Venice’s most famous haunt, “Caprice of Mykonos” will stun you with its cocktails. Away from the hustle and bustle of Chora, on Paradise beach “Cavo Paradiso” dominates the party scene, establishing itself as one of the three best summer dance clubs in the world. Don’t miss a night cap in “Astra” at Tria Pigadia in Chora, decorated by the artist Minas.