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Lesvos’ rich historical traditions infuse village life and architecture. Molyvos, in the island’s North is unarguably one of Greece’s most beautiful villages, with its labyrinthine streets and the awesome fortress lording over the town. On the island’s Western shore, Eresos –birthplace of Sappho- impresses thanks to its 2km long beach, the lush vegetation and the amazing neoclassical Theofrasteio school building. In Sigri, apart from the impressive petrified forest, you will experience the sight of the Ottoman fortress and the islet of Nisiopi, accessible by boat to visit its lighthouse, the chapel of Agios Georgios and the petrified trees lying on the sea bed. In the bay of Kalloni, the picturesque fishing village of Vatera awaits the visitor, while nesting on the mountainside of Olympos, beautiful Agiasos offers its unique architecture, thick vegetation and fresh water sources. Birthplace of ouzo, Plomari is set apart thanks to its beautiful little streets, wide beach and impressive post industrial ruins.


Well hidden on the wooded slopes of Karies, high up over Thermes, the Agios Raphael monastery has gained international notoriety thanks to Mother Superior Evgenia Kleidara’s untiring research and writing, earning her honorary mentions from the world’s preeminent universities. In the grounds you may visit the main church, the guest house and the monastery’s portrait collection.


Thousands of visitors flock each year to remote Sigri to marvel at one of nature’s unequaled sights. The island’s petrified forest is a direct result of Lemnos’ intense volcanic activity, 20 million years ago. The forest dates to the Pleistocene and has been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The eerie sight of hundreds of petrified tree trunks, some still standing, amazes. Wander around the specially marked paths and reach the world’s biggest conifer petrified trunk, 20 metres in length. On site, you may visit the outstanding Natural History Museum.

Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday 08:30-16:30, Saturday-Sunday 9:00-17:00


Mytilene is renowned for the quality of its local products. Virgin olive oil, cheese, ouzo, wine and honey are not to be missed. The majority of shops can be found in the city centre’s paved Ermou street and the central market. Outstanding sweets can be purchased in “Maskotitsa” (16, Ermou str), ask for traditional confectioneries, homemade cheese and herb pies, apple, blueberry or chestnut pies and fried donuts with honey. In “Lesvos Shop”, buy oil cheese, barley rusks and other traditional delicacies.