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Lesvos’ temperate climate and the abundance of wetlands on the island, have made it an ideal breeding ground for many endemic as well as migratory, bird species. For bird watchers, the Kalloni wetlands –covering the whole of the bay- is an absolute must destination. Rare fauna and flora is to be experienced in the Ntipio-Larso region, while at the mouth of the Almyropotamos river, one more wetland offers its many bird species for watching.


Many hiking trails can lead you to Lesvos’ rich and varied nature. Hike among the beautiful conifer forests of mount Olympos, walk along the “olive trails” or get acquainted with the Petrified Forests’ unique natural setting. The chestnut tree forest of Agiasos is definitely worth a visit, as is the Toumba Bio-farm, offering horse back riding and organized mountain hikes. The Lesvos Adventures travel bureau will provide you with all necessary information for hiking, kayaking, rappelling, mountain biking and visits to nearby islands.
Over 11 million olive trees grow on Lesvos. Visit one of the many olive groves to witness up close the olive gathering and pressing process.


A quarter of Greece’s geothermal activity takes place in Lesvos, with its hot springs well known since Antiquity for their curative powers. Today, five of these springs are equipped with state of the art means, providing a complete spa experience. These are the Eftalou springs in Molyvos, as well as the ones in Thermi, Polihnitos, Ai Giannis Lisvoriou and Gera bay.