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Dozens of beaches for all tastes are to be found all along the coastline. On Naxos’ Western shore, Agios Prokopis is the most frequented. Equally gorgeous are the beaches of Agia Anna, with its golden sand, Plakes and Kastraki. In Aliko, hidden behind the cedars, explore the small sandy inlets. Water sports such as surfing and kite surfing are offered at Vigla. In the North, weather permits, swim in the waters of Abram and Amiti beaches. On the island’s East, take the KTEL bus to Moutsouna and enjoy swimming and excellent fresh fish. From there, head South to find the hidden beach of Ligaridia with its large pebbles, and Psili Ammos beach with the massive, pristine sand dunes. On windy days, reach Panermo beach and enjoy the always calm, crystal clear waters.