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The equally rich cheese variety will amaze even the most jaded palate, while even the salads will leave you speechless. In mountainous Apeiranthos, try the local meat specialties and especially the “zoula”, boiled goat meat and “patoudo”, lamb stuffed with aromatic spices. In Melanes village, order the local “coq au vin”. If you visit Naxos during the summer, try the “giahnada”, a summer dish based on different vegetables, potatoes and tomato sauce. Naxos is also famous for its “arseniko”, the hard spicy cheese, as well for its excellent gruyere. For dessert, taste local walnut cake and syrupy sweets.
Most of the food specialities of Naxos are made with the wide variety of the delicious cheese produced in the island.Some of the famous cheeses of Naxos are the “Graviera”, which is the most famous one and is a quite hard cheese with an intense taste, the “Mitzithra”, a hard cheese mostly used on pastas and meet dishes, the “Manouri”, a soft cheese with a light taste, the “Xynotyri”, which is a soft cheese with an intense and a bit acid taste, the “Anthotyro”, a delicious soft cheese, the “Provio”, an excellent cheese made of goat’s milk and the “Kefalotiri”, a hard and salted cheese used for omelettes, on pastas and for the famous and mouth-watering fried cheese called “saganaki”. “Arseniko” cheese of Naxos is the most famous of all since its is becoming difficult to find because of the long time required for maturing. You can also buy “askoudes”, excellent olives, raki. At Chalki village you can buy exquisite spoon sweets and jams.