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Local cuisine is a fusion of culinary traditions. Enjoy local specialties (avranies, wild asparagus with oil and onion, grilled red pumpkin, stuffed chicken with lasagna, chickpea pie and sweet fried dumplings, katimeria).


“Fish” is the word for “food” in Rhodes. Every day the island’s fishing boats supply restaurants with fresh fish and Seafood. Avoid touristy eateries, preferring ones frequented by locals. Excellent restaurants are to be found in every village. Note that Rhodes is known since antiquity for its fine wines. Seek out the finest ones: Lefko Moschato, Athiri, Amorgiano and Grenache Rouge.
Dozens of bars, clubs and dance venues operate within the city as well as in other locations, particularly those with heavy tourist traffic, such as Faliraki and Lindos.