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During the summer months, the Casarma fortress is transformed into a concert and theatre venue.
Sitia is the birthplace of poet Vincenzo Cornaro, composer of the “Erotokritos” ode and leading figure of the Cretan Renaissance movement.
The festival of “Cornaria” –the region’s largest- is organized annually in Sitia and lasts almost for the whole summer with cultural events in honour of Vicenzo Cornaro. The traditional feast of the Sultana is organised in the week from 15 to August 20.
Festivals are very common, especially during the summer months like the one in the monastery of Faneromenis (15 August), in Papadokampo on the Day of the Ascension, the festival of Prophet Elias in Mesa Mouliana (July 20) and the festival of the Holy Cross in Sfaka (September 14). In all celebrations (festivals, weddings, christenings) the famous Cretan dishes are on offer, accompanied by live music of Sitia, with lyre, traditional dances and serenades.