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Strolling around the picturesque streets and houses you are sure to come across one of the many church courtyards giving the island its particular colour. Visit the church of Trion Hierarhon, housing the miraculous icon of Panaghia Eikonistria, and the church of the Virgin of the Lake (Panagia I Limnia), built in 1838, where the skull of Papadiamantis is reverently kept. Further ahead, chance upon Aghios Nikolaos, with its famous clock.
Extra tip: Read Papadiamantis before visiting Skiathos. In his novel “The Murderess”, dark passions, and high drama are enacted in every conceivable local setting.


A circumnavigation of the island will reveal its many hidden treasures. Besides Lalaria, Kastro and the tiny uninhabited island of Tsougrias, with its the exotic beaches, you will have the opportunity to reach the twin caves: the Blue and the Dark. The impressive geological formations are true natural sculptures. If your party is numerous, hire a boat for the day.
Touring the Sporades
If your appetite for beauty is insatiable, book a day trip to the nearby Sporades Islands, Skopelos and Alonissos (less than one hour by hydrofoil or catamaran) and the natural refuge of the endangered Mediterranean monk seal Monachus Monachus. The National Marine Park of 2,200 sq. km is the Mediterranean’s largest. Contact the local tourist office in the port of Skiathos, for organized day trips to the Park’s islands.


On Papadiamanti Street are gathered most of the island’s tourist shops. Here you will find souvenirs, handmade jewellery, hats, belts and airy clothing suitable for your summer outings. If you seek local products, visit the Monastery of Evangelistria, where you may purchase wine made by the monks. Almond lovers should ask for the famous almond spoon sweet and almond marzipan of different varieties.