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The most cosmopolitan resort on the Epirus Riviera is a beautiful preserved town with an island aura and a romantic atmosphere that is reflected in the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea. Built amphitheatrically and lost in the embrace of pine, olive and citrus trees, idyllic Parga lies only 60 km from Preveza and will take your breath away with its beauty. Stroll around its ascending cobbled lanes and admire the Heptanesian architecture of its houses, clamber up the magical Venetian castle with a view over the verdant islet of Panagia. Don’t forget to take a dip in one of its wonderful beaches. If time permits, grab the opportunity for a mini cruise to the exotic islands of Paxos and Antipaxos.


Known also as “Paliosaraga” (Old Palaces), the thermal baths of Preveza are located close to the entrance of the Ambracian gulf, next to Kyani Akti beach. They became famous in the 17th century, when Ali Pasha built his summer palace here, using their waters for his Turkish baths. The baths were fully renovated in 2013 and are open to the public from June to October.


On the rock of “Stefani” above the Monastery of Agios Dimitrios of Zalongo, an imposing sculpture stands as a reminder of one of the most legendary events of revolutionary Greece, when the 63 women of Souli and their children threw themselves off the mountain in 1803 in order to escape being captured by the Turks. The “Dance of Zalongo” is represented in the huge monument by the sculptor Giorgos Zongolopoulos, designed by the architect Patroclus Karantinos and created in 1961. To reach this point, you must climb 410 steps from the Monastery but the view from the mountains will reward you handsomely.
On a hillside of Zalongo, near today’s village of Kamarina, the major city-state of Cassope flourished in the 3rd century BC. Even today, its impressive town plan can be seen in its ruins. It is definitely worth visiting the archaeological site and wandering among its polygonal walls and amazing monuments, such as the Prytaneion, the stoas of the agora, the Katagogion (a kind of hostel), the Odeon and the large theatre.


Many Agricultural Cooperatives and small workshops are active in and around Preveza, producing high-quality traditional products and local delicacies. You can buy wonderful spoon sweets and desserts, jams, liqueurs, homemade pasta and vegetable pies from the Gymnotopos and I Mikri Lakka Souli women’s cooperatives. Try the local honey and cheese products, such as Preveza galotyri (soft goat’s cheese), kefalograviera (hard table cheese), kefalotyri (hard, salty yellow cheese) and manouromyzithra cheese.
In the charming groceries and organic delicatessens of the historic centre you can find the great local ouzo and tsipouro spirit with PDO status, aromatic herbs and excellent olive oil made from the local varieties of Corfu Lianolia and Prevezana. One of the most popular regional products is the local kranada drink produced from juice of the cornus plant. When leaving Preveza, make sure to take home with you some jars of seafood delicacies from the rich depths of the Ambracian Gulf, such as marinated anchovies, pickled sardines, marinated shrimp and, of course, the internationally renowned Preveza fish roe, also known as the Caviar of the Ambracian Gulf.