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In August, the people of Preveza honour one of their most select products with a great festival in the precinct of the Castle of St Andrew. Over 2 tons of sardines are grilled and shared for free, along with select wine, to the 15,000-plus visitors who come to the town each year for the festival. The party reaches its climax with a dance to the sounds of live music.


If you are in Preveza during Easter, don’t miss the chance to observe the traditional – and loud! - Botia. On the morning of Easter Saturday, when the first bells of the Resurrection are heard, dozens of improvised firecrackers and clay pots (botia) are let off or smashed in the historic town centre and the picturesque lanes of Seitan Bazaar. This custom derives from a tradition with roots in the Ottoman period and attracts thousands of visitors from the surrounding area. Another favourite custom of the town, dating to the early 1960s, is the women’s carnival of Preveza. This takes place on the last Friday of the Carnival period, featuring 20 flotillas and 1000 paraders.


Preveza’s most important cultural festival has a history of 45-plus years and lasts from June to September. The programme includes an important cycle of theatre and dance performances, concerts and art exhibitions. The main festival venue is the Municipal Garden Theatre of Preveza, while many events are held in the nearby emblematic monuments, such as the Castle of the Pantocrator and the Roman Odeon of Nicopolis.


For three days in the last week of May, the port of Preveza is filled with the sounds and colours of jazz, performed by leading musicians in the field from Europe and the world. The highlight of the event is the big world music concert, which is held as part of the Nicopoleia festival, with important names from the international jazz scene, such as Wim Mertens, Nouvelle Vague and Cristina Branco.