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AIA Parking

Book your parking space at Athens International Airport and gain discounts up to 60%!

How to book:

Follow these 5 simple steps for a successful car park booking:

  1. Choose your desired dates and time details
  2. Choose the car park that best suits you (P3 Holiday, Long Term Parking P3, Short Term Parking P2, Short Term Parking P1)
  3. Complete your personal details (name, surname, phone number and personal e-mail)
  4. Add the details of the vehicle that you plan to use
  5. Print out your Booking Confirmation Email that includes the barcode that corresponds to your booking confirming all your details. You might need it in order to enter the car parking 

Upon your entrance:

  1. Upon your entrance at the chosen parking lot, your vehicle will be automatically recognized by matching your license plate with the number given during your reservation process
    (ATTENTION: Do not press the button for ticket).
    Alternatively, you will need to use the barcode found at your Booking Confirmation Email. Simply scan the barcode at the barcode reader of the car park entrance.
  2. Take the ticket that is automatically issued.
  3. Keep the ticket with you for as long as your car remains at the airport parking lot.

Upon your exit:

  1. Before proceeding to your car, walk to one of the auto pay stations located at the car parking facilities.
  2. You can pay in cash, or by credit card. The total payable amount is calculated based on your stay period. In case your parking period is shorter or longer than that specified in your online reservation, the appropriate fee for the duration of your stay will be adapted based on the tariff of your online Parking booking.
  3. Keep your paid ticket and drive to the parking exit.
  4. Insert the ticket into the exit control unit slot and the barrier gate will open.