Terms And Conditions

Terms & Conditions          

Olympic Air SA (Olympic) and Aegean Airlines SA (Aegean) are separate airlines operating under different AOCs (Airline Operating Certificates) and these Terms and Conditions apply to both. Where these terms and conditions apply to one  or apply differently to each airline, this is expressly set out in these Terms and Conditions; in all other cases these Terms and Conditions apply in the same way to either of the airlines and Olympic and Aegean will be referred to, in these terms and conditions, as the Airline.

1. Content of the program

The Airline’s Travel Agency (defined below) booking tool is an online booking engine and information platform for travel agencies, provided on behalf of the Airline for the purpose of selling the Airline flights, tickets and selected other products (the Booking Tool). The Airline shall provide the Travel Agency with access to the Booking Tool without charging a transaction fee for its use. As a service provider, the Travel Agency shall solely be responsible for providing consultation services (whether charged for or not) to its customers and not to the Airline when using the Booking Tool. Consultation services associated with the voluntary use of the Booking Tool shall therefore not be paid for or otherwise remunerated by the Airline. The Airline’s obligations in relation to the Booking Tool shall be limited to providing the administrative and technical support processes set out below and also for any applicable services offered by airlines which have partnered with the Airline from time to time (Partner Airline) that from time to time the Airline at their sole discretion may choose to provide.

2. System Use

2.1 Entitled users shall be defined as follows

This service shall be offered for use by companies which offer services to travelers whereby they sell tickets for air travel (either online or through traditional bricks and mortar businesses) and shall, for the purposes of this Agreement, include tour operators and those businesses selling package travel deals (Travel Agency and Travel Agents). For clarity, this service shall not be accessible for use by travelers directly, but only through Travel Agents.

All entitled users of the Booking Tool are referred to in this Agreement as Travel Agents (as defined above). The Airline shall, in its reasonable opinion, determine whether an entity is to be regarded as a Travel Agency for the purposes of this Agreement and may request reasonable supporting documentation from an entity in this regard.

2.2 Application for access to the Booking Tool

The Airline shall provide access to the Booking Tool on a discretionary basis and all Travel Agents (that is, users which are authorized to access it) agree to use the Booking Tool at their own risk. In order to use the Booking Tool, the Travel Agency shall first need to have a Travel Agency Office ID provided by the Airline.  The Travel Agency Office ID is a uniquely identifiable alphanumeric code confirming that the Travel Agency is listed as such in the Booking Tool.
Travel Agencies must apply for their Travel Agency Office IDs on either www.OlympicAir.com/TravelAgent or www.aegeanair.com/Travel-Agents

Normal processing time for a new Travel Agency Office ID is between 1 and 5 working days. The Airline will check the Travel Agency’s data and provided that all submitted data are accurate and correct, access to the Booking Tool will be granted promptly. Activation of the Travel Agency Office ID shall be confirmed by e-mail sent to the Travel Agency’s e-mail address which is entered in the application form.

The applicant user is responsible for ensuring all data requested by the Airline during the application process, as more fully detailed in this Agreement, are entered in full and correctly.

The Airline provides the Booking Tool service purely on a discretionary basis. No entitlement or right of use on the part of any applicant user shall exist, irrespective of whether that applicant user fulfills the eligibility requirements for a Travel Agency (as more fully detailed in this Agreement) or not. Any use of the Booking Tool is permitted solely at the exclusive discretion of the Airline whose decision on whether to afford applicant users access to the Booking Tool or not is final and may not be appealed.

2.3 Commencement of use

After completing the application form with the required new user data fields, each Travel Agency shall be given a Travel Agency Office ID, an Agent ID and a password.  These details will allow the Travel Agency to access the Booking Tool.  Prior to accessing the Booking Tool for the first time, the Travel Agency will need to agree to the third party vendor of the Booking Tool’s terms and conditions for the use of the Booking Tool.

2.4 Use of the Airline’s Travel Agency Booking Tool – Loss of Travel Agency User ID and Password

2.4.1 During login, the Travel Agency shall self-assign an identifying password. To prevent misuse, the Travel Agency shall be solely responsible for ensuring that the password is not disclosed to unauthorized third parties. When an employee (or contractor to) of the Travel Agency leaves, this person should be deleted by the Travel Agency from the Booking Tool and their access rights removed by the Travel Agency. If any misuse of the Booking Tool is suspected by the Travel Agency, the Travel Agency shall immediately (a) change the password and (b) advise the Airline of this, in writing.

2.4.2 The Travel Agency is solely responsible and liable for all activities undertaken using the Travel Agency’s Office ID, Agent ID and password. The Airline is not responsible in any other way for misuse of the Travel Agency’s user access. The Airline shall be the only adjudicator of whether any misuse of the Booking Tool has occurred or not.

2.5 Termination of Travel Agency access

The Travel Agency may terminate its access of the Booking Tool, (notification will be sent by email to the Airline’s Travel Agency Distribution Support Dept.) at any time without the requirement to provide any notice period to  the Airline. Without prejudice to Section 2.6 below, the Airline may terminate the Travel Agency’s access to the Booking Tool at any time, immediately on providing notice to the Travel Agency, in the event of any payment default, misuse or material breach of this Agreement by the Travel Agency or in the event of the Travel Agent becoming insolvent, going into administration or receivership, or anything analogous to the foregoing occurring in relation to the Travel Agency, without the Airline incurring any liability to the Travel Agency. The Airline may also freely terminate the Travel Agency’s access at any point if the Travel Agency ceases to meet the eligibility criteria set out in Section 2.1 above on providing the Travel Agency with not less than two (2) weeks' notice (during which time the Travel Agency may attempt to remedy this lack of eligibility or challenge the Airline’s termination), without incurring any liability to the Travel Agency. In the event of a termination of the Travel Agency’s access to the Booking Tool, for any reason, the Airline shall notify the Travel Agency of this termination by e-mail at the contact address given in its application form (as updated by the Travel Agency from time to time).

In the event that the Airline suspects or is aware of misuse of the Booking Tool by the Travel Agency or someone using the Travel Agency’s login credentials, the Airline shall have the right to immediately suspend the Travel Agency’s access to it. This suspension shall continue until such time as the Airline is satisfied, at its sole discretion, that the Travel Agency has rectified the issue giving rise to the suspension.

2.6 Period of use and Termination

The Booking Tool is offered on a discretionary and “at will” basis by the Airline. The Airline reserves the right to terminate the Booking Tool or access to it at any time on not less than two (2) weeks’ notice.

If the Travel Agency has not logged in to the Booking Tool for a period of six (6) months or longer, the Airline reserves the right to automatically terminate the Travel Agency’s access without notice.

3. Ticket Sales via the Airline’s Travel Agency Booking Tool

3.1 Fares

3.1.1 The Airline shall provide the Travel Agency with information on prices and availability of flights (including any special offers) by the Airline and Partner Airline (collectively, Fares) through the Booking Tool. The Fares shall be without obligation until a booking has been created by the Travel Agency and confirmed by the Airline.

3.1.2 Fares shall indicate the Airline and/or Partner Airline (as the case may be) ticket prices including taxes, fees and other surcharges. The Travel Agency shall be free to charge its customer (who may or may not be the passenger) a fee for its services, and this is entirely at the Travel Agency’s sole discretion. If the Travel Agency charges a fee for the provision of its services, it must clearly indicate to its customer that this fee is not part of the Fare and must itemize this fee separately in its invoice documents. At no time may the Travel Agency mark up the cost of any Fare to its customer or, in circumstances where its customer is the passenger, to the passenger, without clearly indicating that the additional charges do not come from the Airline and/or a Partner Airline (as the case may be).

3.1.3 The Travel Agency undertakes to the Airline that, before arranging the contract for air travel with its customer, it shall inform its customer of the general terms and conditions of the Airline and/or any other Partner Airline operating the flight as the customer's contracting partners. The Travel Agency is responsible at all times for ensuring that its practices comply with all applicable laws (including, for clarity, all applicable data and privacy regulations and laws) and government regulations.

3.1.4 This Agreement is without prejudice to any separate agreement which the Airline and the Travel Agency may enter into regarding their business relationship for bookings made through the Booking Tool or for services otherwise provided under or in connection with this Agreement.

3.2 Availability enquiries – Look to Book Ratio.

3.2.1 For each booked coupon (flight segment per passenger), the Airline shall offer the Travel Agency a maximum of 800 availability enquiries per calendar month. The Airline will allow averaging over a 3 month period before charging becomes effective for availability queries made by the Travel Agency in excess of this allocation of 800 per calendar month.

3.2.2 The Airline reserves, at its sole discretion, the right to terminate Travel Agency access to the Booking Tool (in accordance with Section 2.5 above) if the number of availability enquiries per Travel Agency exceeds the maximum number allocated in accordance with Section 3.2.1 of this Agreement.

3.2.3 In the event that the Airline agrees to permit continued access to a Travel Agency which exceeds the allocated quote of availability enquiries (as assessed in accordance with Section 3.2.1 above), the Airline shall be entitled to charge the Travel Agency at the rate of 0.003 EUR per query in excess of the monthly allocated quote. Any invoicing which is required for excess queries pursuant to this Section 3 shall be done by the Airline on a quarterly basis.

3.2.4 Availability Enquires contain the following transactions:

AirShoppingRQ, FareSearchRQ, FlightPriceRQ, FareQuoteRQ , AirAvailabilityRQ, SeatAvailabilityRQ , ServiceListRQ and ServiceSearchRQ

3.3 Price comparison websites/search engines

The Airline’s Fares should not be displayed by price comparison websites/search engines in an amount other than that displayed on the OlympicAir.com and AegeanAir.com websites. 

3.4 Booking

All bookings must adhere to the Airline’s terms and conditions of carriage as required by law. Terms and conditions of carriage are published on the Airline’s website (www.olympicair.com and/or www.aegeanair.com).

3.4.1 To book a flight, the Travel Agency shall select available flights and the applicable Fares for the selected flights, and add the relevant passenger data.

3.4.2 The frequent traveler card number of the passenger concerned can be entered so that miles and other loyalty criteria are automatically credited to the passenger’s relevant loyalty program or any other similar program of an Olympic or Aegean Partner Airline.

3.4.3 When making a booking, a customer contact phone number and/or an email address shall be stated in the reservation record in the approved form for the purpose of the Airline being able to provide information to the customer on any operational changes in the flight schedule. Reservations not containing this information may be rejected.

3.4.4 Any booking found by the Airline, in its reasonable opinion, to be speculative or by an ineligible traveler or a travel agent that is not a Travel Agency will be cancelled immediately and any funds provided to the Airline will be retained by the Airline.

3.5 Payment

3.5.1 The Airline accepts payment through the BSP (in accordance with the standard applicable regulations and fulfillment processes and timings of the relevant BSP country). Other forms of payment (including direct payment by a Travel Agency to the Airline by credit card for ETKTs and/or EMDs issued on Airline’s stock) may be made. The Airline, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to vary the forms of payment it will accept for bookings made through the Booking Tool in accordance with the type of offer and relevant market.

3.5.2 For BSP issued tickets in accordance with IATA Resolution 890, section 1.4 (Credit Card Sales Rules), the Travel Agency's own credit card cannot be used for payment.

3.5.3 Where the Travel Agency pays for a ticket by credit card and the credit card company subsequently demands that the payment be refunded (the chargeback), the Travel Agency shall (notwithstanding the chargeback) pay the Airline for the ticket. The Travel Agency's liability to pay for the ticket shall not be affected by the ground for the chargeback unless otherwise agreed by the Airline in writing.

3.6 Ticket type

Only electronic tickets and EMD (-A/-S) shall be issued for passenger’s booked journey.

4. Cancellations and refunds

All voids and refunds can be performed only according to the relevant Fare rules and/or any other related Olympic or Aegean policy.

4.1 Void / Cancellations

4.1.1 The Travel Agency represents warrants and undertakes to the Airline that it has the relevant customer’s consent to all voids and cancellations made by that Travel Agency on behalf of its customer.

4.2 Refunds

4.2.1 The Travel Agency represents, warrants and undertakes to the Airline that it shall only make a refund of a booked Fare for its customer if that customer has given the Travel Agency his/her consent to this procedure and has agreed that any expenses attributable to the refund will be set off against any refund (in accordance with any applicable rates and conditions).

4.2.2 The Travel Agency may charge its customer a fee for its services in conjunction with any refund issued. If the Travel Agency charges such a fee, it shall make it expressly clear to its customer that this fee is not part of the Fare charged by the Airline and/or any relevant Partner Airline and does not constitute a fee for the refund expensed by the Airline and/or any relevant Partner Airline (as the case may be). In addition, the Travel Agency shall ensure that any such fee is itemized separately.

4.2.3 The Airline retains no liability whatsoever for any fee charges made by neither the Travel Agency nor any dispute that may arise between the Travel Agency and the passenger regarding this fee.
5. Liability

5.1 The Travel Agency shall not use any software, mechanisms or other scripts in combination with the Booking Tool capable of disrupting the normal and correct operation of it. All content provided on or otherwise via the Booking Tool is the copyright of the Airline or its partners (including, without limitation, the Partner Airline). Content must not be blocked, overwritten or modified by the Travel Agency.  Where the Travel Agency is required by the Booking Tool to access a third party website, the Travel Agency shall be solely responsible for ensuring the integrity and security of its systems in relation to the relevant third party website, and acknowledges and agrees that the Airline and its affiliates shall bear no responsibility for the content, security or integrity of that third party website.

5.2 The Travel Agency is solely responsible for any excessive transactions undertaken using its login credentials. The Travel Agency undertakes that it shall not do anything, or permit anything to be done, which may lead to an unacceptable or excessive burden on the Booking Tool and the Travel Agency undertakes to take all reasonable efforts to prevent any such activities or abuse occurring.

5.3 The content presented in the Booking Tool shall not be copied or distributed without the prior consent of the Airline, nor used or duplicated in any other way. The same shall also apply with regard to copying with the aid of any search engine technologies and other automatic “crawling” mechanisms. Forwarding data to the Travel Agency’s customer shall be permitted if required solely for the business process in association with a valid reservation.

5.3.1 The Travel Agency agrees to adhere to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and of OlympicAir.com or AegeanAir.com and the Booking Tool (as more fully detailed on those websites and as modified from time to time by the Airline).

5.4 In the event of any breach of contractual duty by the Airline, the Airline shall only be liable up to the value of the ticket involved.

5.5 Neither the Airline nor any Partner Airline nor the Travel Agency shall be responsible for non-performance or delayed performance due to force majeure in the form of natural hazards, strikes or trade union disputes, as well as acts of war or terrorism. The Airline and/or any relevant Partner Airline shall not be liable for claims potentially arising in this context due to flight cancellations, schedule changes or "denied boarding".
6. Miscellaneous

6.1 Data protection

Personal and corporate data associated with use of the platform shall be processed in accordance with the applicable statutory regulations on data protection as well as the Airline’s recommendations on data protection and shall be used solely for purposes serving the Booking Tool’s use. Such processing shall include forwarding the data to other companies affiliated with the Airline and/or other third parties, insofar as this is necessary in conjunction with use of the Booking Tool by the Travel Agency and for performance of this Agreement by the Airline. The Travel Agency agrees to storage of the IP address of the Internet service provider used by the Travel Agency to visit OlympicAir.com or AegeanAir.com and the Booking Tool for the relevant period of time required by the applicable legislation.

6.2 Amendments/supplements to these Terms and Conditions of Use

6.2.1 The Airline reserves the right to amend or supplement the Terms and Conditions of Use and the procedures outlined for the Booking Tool at any time. Amended or supplemented terms and conditions shall be displayed on www.OlympicAir.com or AegeanAir.com. The amended terms and conditions shall be deemed to have been accepted if a Travel Agency continues to make bookings on the website after the time at which the new terms and conditions commence. If a Travel Agency objects to an amendment, it may terminate its use of the Booking Tool in accordance with Section 2.5 of this Agreement. When use of the Booking Tool is terminated by either the Airline or the Travel Agency, the Travel Agency may pass bookings which have already been made by telephone to Olympic’s or Aegean’s Travel Agency Distribution Support Dept. for further processing.

6.3 Non-transferability

The user access and the rights associated with this Agreement cannot be transferred to third parties.

6.4 Severability and Priority of other agreements

If individual provisions of this Agreement partly or entirely violate the provisions of any other valid agreement between the Airline and the Travel Agency concerning the sale of tickets on the Airline and/or any relevant Partner Airline, the provisions of the other valid agreement concerning the sale of those tickets shall take priority over the present terms and conditions.

6.5 Applicable law, jurisdiction

Greek law (or in the case of Cyprus based Travel Agencies – the laws of Cyprus) shall apply exclusively and excluding the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods. The parties to this Agreement agree that the exclusive venue for claims arising under or in connection with this Agreement and the Booking Tool shall be Athens Greece.

6.6 API use

Some Travel Agencies may wish to access the Booking Tool and the content via an API/XML. Special terms and conditions exist for this service and an additional set of terms apply which will need to be entered into with the Booking Tool’s software vendor prior to access being granted to the Booking Tool.

7. Intellectual Property

7.1 Use of IP

Use of the Booking Tool is provided on a limited right to use for the exclusive use as noted throughout this Agreement. The Travel Agency acknowledges that the software, images, content, methods and processes and information contained in the Booking Tool remain the sole and exclusive property of the Airline and/or any relevant Partner Airline (as the case may be). Other than personal information which is governed by appropriate Greek and European law, all content and information generated by the Booking Tool shall be exclusively owned by the Airline.

The Airline hereby grants a limited “right to use” to the Booking Tool to the Travel Agency solely for the purposes of allowing the Travel Agency to exercise its rights under this Agreement and on the condition that the Travel Agency complies, at all times, with the terms and conditions more fully set out in this Agreement.

7.2 Third Party Intellectual Property rights and use

The Airline and the Travel Agency acknowledge that certain programs, services and content may come from external sources, and that all rights in and to that software and those services are expressly reserved by the holders thereof.

8. Communication

8.1 Email communications

Email communications to the Travel Agency in respect of the Travel Agency’s use of the Booking Tool may be sent from Olympic or Aegean interchangeably, no matter which Airline has been originally contacted and are, unless expressly stated otherwise, to be regarded by the Travel Agency as valid communications from the relevant Airline in respect of which the relevant booking / enquiry has been made.

9. PCI Compliance

As a merchant that accepts payment cards as a form of payment, The Airline is required to be compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Based on this, The Airline is required on a yearly basis to assess the security of its Cardholder Data Environment against PCI DSS. In this context, any Service Providers that store, process or transmit cardholder data on behalf of The Airline, or that provide services to or otherwise on behalf of the airline and that could impact the security of The Airline’s cardholder data environment must also be compliant against the current version of PCI DSS, published on the PCI SSC’s (PCI Security Standards Council) website (https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org) and updated by the PCI SSC from time to time.

As evidence of compliance, the SERVICE PROVIDER must provide to The Airline when requested, a current copy of its Attestation of Compliance (AOC). If SERVICE PROVIDER is unable to provide a current copy of its AOC, SERVICE PROVIDER must allow The Airline’s QSAC (Qualified Security Assessor Company) to assess (which may be by means of a physical audit at the SERVICE PROVIDER’s premises):

1. the security of cardholder data the Service Provider possesses or otherwise
stores, processes or transmits on behalf of The Airline, or
2. any other services the Service Provider offers to The Airline and could impact the security of The Airline’s cardholder data environment.

SERVICE PROVIDER must create and maintain written and reasonably detailed, complete and accurate documentation describing the systems, processes, network segments, security controls, and data flows used to receive, transmit, store, secure and otherwise process The Airline’s cardholder data. Such documentation will conform to the most current version of PCI DSS. SERVICE PROVIDER shall, upon written request by The Airline, make such documentation and the individuals responsible for implementing, maintaining and monitoring those system components and processes available to:

A. QSACs, forensic investigators, consultants or attorneys retained or appointed by The Airline to facilitate the audit and review of the SERVICE PROVIDER’s PCI DSS compliance; and
B. The Airline’s IT Audit Staff. [SERVICE PROVIDER} will retain such documentation until 5 years after termination of this agreement.