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Business on Board Terms and Conditions

1. Participation to the Program

1.1 The right of participation to Business on Board program applies to any type of company with legal entities of every form in Greece and abroad. It is clarified that Travel agencies and individuals cannot participate in the program.

1.2 Registration in the Program can be accomplished via internet on www.olympicair.com or via an Olympic Air representative, who will contact the company and fill in the participation form.

1.3 During the registration to the Program, the company should register the exact company name, together with the VAT number. Every company has the right to register to the Program with no more than one e-mail address.

1.4 Acceptance of the Program's terms and conditions is a necessary requirement in order to register with the Program. By completing, signing, and sending the application, it is automatically presumed that the company unconditionally accepts the Program's terms and conditions.

1.5 Each Company's Business on Board account is unique. The administration of the account can be realized only by the company's employee in charge.

1.6 The ΡΙΝ number which provides access to each company's account through Olympic Air website, should remain secret, in order to insure the unwelcome access of third parties into the account.

1.7 Olympic Air maintains the right to annul or modify at its own private discretion, anytime and with no previous notice the Program's terms and conditions, as they are mentioned in this document. The new terms and conditions apply upon their publication. A Company's participation in the Program after the publication of the new terms and conditions implies its unconditional acceptance.

1.8 Any change in company's information should be notified to Business on Board department either by dialing +30 210 35 50 010, or electronically through www.olympicair.com in order for a company's account to be updated. Olympic Air bears no responsibility in case of damage that may be caused on a Company's account by a third party, due to wrong or inaccurate statement of the company's information.

1.9 Olympic Air has the right to reject any request for a company's registration at its own private discretion.

1.10 Olympic Air has the right to discontinue or cancel Business on Board at its own private discretion without any further obligation towards the companies. The same applies in case of the Program's cancellation, because of dissolution, liquidation, bankruptcy, buy-out, merger or any similar situation. In case of cancellation, the company's account and the corresponding miles will be automatically cancelled.

1.11 In case the Company wishes to discontinue its participation to Business on Board Program, a written notification should be sent. After the request being processed, the company's account and relevant Business Miles will be cancelled automatically. It is clarified that personal Travelair Club membership cards will remain as such.

1.12 A Member's account and the relevant Business Miles will automatically be cancelled in cases of company's dissolution, liquidation, bankruptcy, buy-out, merger or any similar situation.

1.13 Business on Board department operates on working days, from Monday to Friday 09.00-17.00 and is exclusively responsible for customer service of Business on Board members, concerning miles redemption, administration of Business on Board account, issues and changes of award tickets, missing mile requests, company information changes, general information about the accounts of Business on Board Members.

1.14 The submission of any request concerning a member's account (miles redemption, mileage requests, issues and changes in award tickets, missing miles requests, change of personal data etc.) can be submitted electronically 24hrs on daily basis on www.olympicair.com, or by dialing +30 210 35 50010, from Monday to Friday from 09.00-17.00.

It is clarified that, the requests submitted to www.olympicair.com, or by phone will be processed through Business on Board department.

2. Company membership Account number

2.1 Business on Board offers a unique account number to every company for the account administration. Olympic Air bears no responsibility in case of incorrect usage of the account. The company is in position to monitor the account statement by logging in, using the unique account number as well as the PIN, through www.olympicair.com.

3. Miles

3.1 Miles accrued in the account of member companies are considered as Business Miles.
3.2 Business Miles are those that can be redeemed by the member Company in tickets operated by Olympic Air.

4. Miles Accrual

4.1 The duration of Company's participation to Business on Board program is one (1) year from the registration date. In case no flight transaction has been recorded, then the account of the Company as well as its Business Miles will be automatically cancelled.

4.2 Accumulation of Business Miles is realized only on flights operated by Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines*.

4.3 Accumulation of miles cannot be realized on code share flights with Olympic Air partner airlines.

4.4 Business Miles will be credited on the account of each company, based on the ticket net value, without including the taxes and extra charges.

4.5 A necessary prerequisite for miles crediting- in the company's account- is the registration of the unique code during the ticketing issuance. The total amount of transactions on a company's account is converted into miles, in ratio 1 to 1, 1 mile equals 1 euro and increases according to following table:

 From  To
 Miles ratio for
GoLight fare
 Miles ratio for
Flex and Business fare
 0€  48.000€ 1 1,25
 48.001€  96.000€ 2 2,50
 96.001€  144.000€ 3 3,75
 144.001€  188.000€ 4 5,00
 188.001€  232.000€ 5 6,25
 232.001€  400.000€  6  7,50
 400.001€    7  8,75

Miles ratio rises as much as euro spent both in Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines tickets increases.

4.6 Business on Board account is valid for one (1) year, twelve (12) months upon registration date to the program. The miles ratio is increased during twelve (12) months from the registration date, as it is described on the above table. After the expiration of 12 months period, the miles ratio returns to the initial point (ratio 1 to 1), and the euro expenditure restarts counting from zero.

4.7 A Company Member is obligated to report its membership account number to the travel agency or to Olympic Air during the ticket issuance.

4.8 A necessary requirement for crediting miles in a company's account is the completion of a flight.

4.9 Business Miles will be added to the Company account, after the 20th of the following month.

4.10 The Company is obligated to keep its boarding passes or ticket receipts, until the relevant miles appear to its account.

4.11 Retrospective crediting of miles is allowed on Company's account strictly up to 2 months after the flight and only after mailing the ticket numbers and boarding passes to Business on Board department.
It is clarified that in case the flight was operated before the company registration, then the retrospective miles crediting is not allowed.

4.12 In case bookings are made through www.olympicair.com, ticket numbers should be emailed on bob@olympicair.com.

4.13 Free, discount, award, special offer, charter flights and barter tickets, are not eligible to miles accrual.

4.14 It is to be clarified that, the total of the transactions converted into Business Miles, cannot be exchanged with money.

4.15 Business Miles cannot be transferred or combined with another company's account or with personal membership cards.

4.16 The Business Miles that have been accumulated during the period of one (1) year can be redeemed within a period of another 12 months after the completion of the running year.

* It is valid for flights from February 1st, 2014.

5. Miles Redemption

5.1 Business Miles can be redeemed in tickets of routes operated by Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines.

5.2 The redemption of Business Miles can be realized any time during the running year, while the euro expenditure continuous to count cumulatively as long as the amount of miles is sufficient enough to be redeemed.

5.3 The reservation procedure as well as ticket issuance is realized exclusively by Business on Board department operating on week days from Monday to Friday 09.00-17.00.

5.4 Miles can be redeemed in award tickets under the name of any person suggested by the company member.

5.5 Requests for miles redemption must be submitted 3 working days before the departure date.

5.6 The general availability of seats in other fare categories does not necessarily mean the supply of an award ticket.

5.7 Miles redemption is done according to the following table:

   Economy  Business
 One way  Round trip One way   Round trip 
 Domestic  6,500  13,000  11,500 23,000 
 International  15,000  30,000 20,000  40,000 

5.8 Award tickets are issued only for confirmed seats and are not issued with open dates.

5.9 Taxes, additional premiums and various charges about the issuance of a ticket should be paid by the Member. The precise charges that burden the passenger will be made known by the department of Business on Board, before the issuance of the ticket.

5.10 Award Tickets are official traveling documents and are subject to the same terms-conditions and requirements with the tickets issued at a normal fare.

5.11 Only the flight dates and times of an award ticket can be changed with an extra charge of 20 Euro, through the Business on Board department (workdays from 09:00 to 17:00 GMT+2). Change of route or name in the ticket, is not permitted. No cancellations or changes can be actualized except from the days and hours on which Business on Board operates.

5.12 In case the award ticket is cancelled, Business Miles are not returned to the Company's account.

5.13 Redemption of a ticket cannot be realized during: the New Year's holiday period from 01 to 08/01, the Shrove Monday three-day holiday, the 25th of March* holiday, Easter's Holy Week, the 1st of May* holiday, the Holy Spirit holiday, from 12 to 18/08, the October 28th* holiday and the Christmas holiday from 23 to 31/12.

*In case the specific holidays come before or after a Weekend, mile redemption will not be permitted.

6. Travelair Club relationship

6.1 The employees of the Company- member of Business on Board program are able to accumulate Status and Award miles on their own personal Travelair Club cards. These particular memberships are under the Terms & Conditions of Travelair Club, which have been published on Olympic Air website. For further information please visit www.olympicair.com or call on +30 210-3550010. In case the company's account has been expired, the personal accounts of the employees are remaining active.

7. Personal Data

7.1 Olympic Air gathers its company's member's information and processes them exclusively for the Program's function and purposes, always within the frame of the standing Legislation (L. 2472/97, 3471/2006) and only if no other guidance has been received by company members.

7.2 A company member acknowledges that by completing, signing, sending / activating its account, its consent for use, process and further advance of his personal information by Olympic Air is automatically presumed, to affiliated companies or to the Program's offer providers, for operational reasons and application of the Program, archive reasons or various others.

7.3 This consent can be recalled by the member company at any time with a written request to Olympic Air, in which case that information will be deleted from the relevant archives as soon as possible. The member company can have access to that information during its participation in the Program.

7.4 A company member explicitly recognizes Olympic Air's right to use its e-mail address in order to become notified and informed about issues concerning its participation in the Program, like flight schedules, offers, updates etc. A member company can recall its consent in writing.

8. Olympic Air's Responsibility

Besides the above:

8.1 Olympic Air bears no liability for any kind of damage, suffered by a Member or a third party, caused due to participation in the Program, including its use and application. The company's potential liability is strictly limited to the company member's account credit with miles and up to the number of miles the company member had accumulated prior to the damaging event.

8.2 In case of invoking any damage, including loss or delay, by the use of third party offers, through the Program, the third party-providing the offer is exclusively responsible.

8.3 Olympic Air is not responsible for any mistakes or oversights of the present text or any of the Program's brochures, informative or otherwise caused by the publication or by the printing of those texts.

8.4 Athens's courts reflect the appropriate forum for a potential dispute resolution arising from participating in the Program and/or the interpretation of the present Terms and Conditions and Greek law is the applicable law.